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How To Breed Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet

Breeding in Pokemon generally requires you to have two Pokemon of the opposite gender, and that also share an Egg Group. In pokemon SV you can start breeding at any Picnic you setup, after some time passes an egg will appear in the "Picnic Basket". After you receive an egg from a picnic basket it will be immediately added to your PC Box.

Navigate all of the Egg Groups in Scarlet and Violet.

Where to Breed Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet

In past games, you would leave two Pokemon in a Day Care of some kind and come back after some time has past. Once coming back, you would find an Egg, which would hatch after walking enough steps while it was in your inventory. However, currently in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, Pokemon Breeding can be done at any "Picnic", just walk around after setting up a picnic, once enough time has passed you will find an egg in the picnic basket on the table.

Pokemon Breeding Abilities, Moves, Natures and IVs

The main purpose of breeding Pokémon is usually to obtain a Pokémon that knows certain moves, which are called Egg Moves. If the male Pokémon knows moves that the baby Pokémon is capable of learning, the baby will know them when it hatches from the egg. You can also pass down abilities, natures, and IV stats.

Passing Down How It Works
Mirror Herb Egg MoveIf a Pokémon wants to learn an Egg Move from another Pokémon, it can do so by simply holding the Mirror Herb item while picnicking with said pokemon. This works for any other Pokémon, regardless of gender, species or even egg group.
Move BreedingPokémon moves that can be learned by breeding are called Egg moves. If you want a Pokémon to learn an Egg move, you first need to breed it with another Pokémon that already knows the move. Usually, any other Pokémon in the same egg group will automatically learn the move as they level up; however, sometimes you need to breed one Pokémon with multiple others successively.
Ability BreedingDuring breeding, Pokemon abilities have a chance of being passed down to the egg pokemon. A ditto is an excellent choice for ability breeding.
Nature BreedingWhen two Pokémon breed, their offspring can inherit one of the 25 possible natures. However, If one of the breeding pokemon parents is holding an Everstone item, then the child will have that parent pokemon same nature.
IV Stat BreedingThe child pokemon will randomly inherit 1-3 IV Stats from either parent. you can guarantee at least one specific IV Stat is passed down using items such as: Power Weight (HP), Power Bracer (Attack), Power Belt (Defense), Power Lens (Sp. Attack), Power Band (Sp. Defense) or Power Anklet (Speed)

How To Chain Breed in Pokemon SV

Chain breeding is a process where you breed a Pokémon with a move that can only be learned via an Egg Move, and then you use that Pokemon to pass down the same move to another Pokémon of the same species which cannot breed with the original one.

This is a Chain Breeding Example from

Pokemon SV Breeding FAQs

How To Breed Genderless Pokemon?

If there happens to be a Pokemon you would like to breed with another Pokemon, but it has no Gender; such as Magnemite. You can ONLY breed it with a particular Pokemon, that Pokemon is Ditto.