How To Get Mighty Storm's Aspect

The Mighty Storm's Aspect is not a Codex which means you will have to find it and extract it from Legendary Equipment that will randomly drop from enemies. The Mighty Storm's Aspect has a chance to appear on the following equipment slots:

1H Weapon
2H Weapon (+100%)
Amulet (+50%)

You can boost your chances of acquiring the Mighty Storm's Aspect by target farming monsters known to have a higher drop rate for the type of equipment where this aspect is typically found on. The following monster have a higher chance to drop equipment that can be found with the Mighty Storm's Aspect:

Best Builds To Use with Mighty Storm's Aspect

We have a total of (2) builds that use the Mighty Storm's Aspect. You can click/tap any Mighty Storm's Aspect build below to view the complete Build.

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