Lightning Spear Stats and Upgrades

Lightning Spear
Sorceress Conjuration Active
Lucky Hit Chance: 26%
Cooldown: 20
Conjure a spear of lightning that seeks out enemies for 6.0 seconds, dealing {15% / 17% / 18% / 20% / 21%} damage per hit.
After Critically Striking, Lightning Spear gains a 5% increased stacking Critical Strike Chance for its duration.
Lightning Spear Stuns enemies for 2 seconds when Critically Striking.
Collecting Crackling Energy increases the damage of your next Lightning Spear cast by 20%, up to 160%.
Enchantment Effect:
Absorbing Crackling Energy has a 10% chance to conjure a Lightning Spear.

Best Builds To Use with Lightning Spear

We have a total of (3) builds that use the Sorceress Lightning Spear Skill. You can view the best Lightning Spear builds below and the complete guide by Clicking/Tapping them.