Sunken Ruins Farming

Farming the Nightmare/Torment Sunken Ruins Dungeon ranked based on Solo, Group, Glyph Leveling and High Tier.

  • Solo =
    S Tier
  • Glyph =
    B Tier
  • High Level =
    C Tier
  • Group =
    A Tier

Sunken Ruins Item Drops

Since the Sunken Ruins Dungeon is filled with Ghosts, Zombies you will see an increased drop rate of Bow, Wand, Pants, Sword Equipment.

  • Bow
  • Wand
  • Pants
  • Sword

Sunken Ruins Location

You can find the location of Sunken Ruins within the Northshore in Scosglen. After completing the Sunken Ruins, you will unlock the Aspect of Ancestral Force.