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Spiked Armor Guide

Tier Rank Name Description
C Tier
Spiked ArmorGain 3 Thorns

Best Paragons To Use with Spiked Armor

The best paragon to use with Spiked Armor passive in D4 is Revenge.

Paragons Good With Spiked Armor
Tier Paragons Effect
? Tier
Average Synergy
  • Bonus:
    Grants + [240%] bonus to all Rare nodes within range.
  • Extra Bonus:
    Thorns damage increases all damage an enemy takes from you and your Minions by x1%, up to x10%, for 10 seconds.
  • Radius Requirements:
    25 Willpower

Best Spiked Armor Legendary Aspects To Use

The best legendary aspects to combo with Spiked Armor passive in D4 is Needleflare Aspect.

Legendary Aspects Good With Spiked Armor
Tier Aspect Effect
? Tier
Thorns damage dealt has a [20 - 40%] chance to deal damage to all enemies around you.