Shadowed Plunge Farming

Farming the Nightmare/Torment Shadowed Plunge Dungeon ranked based on Solo, Group, Glyph Leveling and High Tier.

  • Solo =
    C Tier
  • Glyph =
    C Tier
  • High Level =
    D Tier
  • Group =
    B Tier

Shadowed Plunge Item Drops

Since the Shadowed Plunge Dungeon is filled with Snakes, Cultists you will see an increased drop rate of Staff, Helm, 2H Polearm, Dagger Equipment.

  • Staff
  • Helm
  • 2H Polearm
  • Dagger

Shadowed Plunge Location

You can find the location of Shadowed Plunge within the Vyeresz in Hawezar. This dungeon is not accessible until you cleanse the evil in Vyeresz. After completing the Shadowed Plunge, you will unlock the Aspect of Branching Volleys.