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Sever Stats

Stat Desc
Damage Type

Sever Guide

Detail Desc
A spectre of you charges forward and attacks with its scythe for damage.
Upgrade 1
Enhanced Sever
Sever damages enemies along its path for damage.
Upgrade 2
Paranormal Sever
Every 4th cast of Sever makes enemies Vulnerable for a few seconds
Upgrade 3
Supernatural Sever
Sever deals increased damage for each Minion you have upon cast.

Best Skills To Use with Sever

Skills good with Sever
Tier Skill Description
? Tier
Unleash concentrated blight that deals 30.00% (8-9) damage and leaves behind a defiled area, dealing 80% 24 damage over 6 seconds.
Type: Shadow
Cost: 25 Essence
Enhanced Blight
Paranormal Blight
Supernatural Blight
? Tier
Fire 3 bone splinters, dealing 22.50% (6-7) damage each. Each subsequent time an enemy is hit by the same cast of Bone Splinters, you gain 1 Essence.
Type: Physical
Enhanced Bone Splinters
Initiate's Bone Splinters
Acolyte's Bone Splinters
? Tier
Tear the flesh from the enemy, dealing 30.00% 9 damage per second and forming a usable corpse with the flesh every 2.5 seconds.
Cost: 7 Essence per second
Enhanced Decompose
Initiate's Decompose
Acolyte's Decompose
? Tier
Burst an enemy's blood, dealing 25.00% (6-8) damage. Hemorrhage has 20% chance to form a Blood Orb. Blood Orbs heal you for 15% of your maximum Life when picked up.
Type: Physical
Enhanced Hemorrhage
Initiate's Hemorrhage
Acolyte's Hemorrhage
? Tier
Sweep an ethereal scythe in front of you, dealing 12.00% (3-3) damage. Hitting an enemy with Reap increases your damage Reduction by 15% for 2 seconds.
Type: Shadow
Enhanced Reap
Initiate's Reap
Acolyte's Reap

Best Sever Talents To Use

Talents good with Sever
Tier Talent Description
? Tier
You deal x4% increased damage for 4 seconds after consuming a Corpse.
? Tier
Consuming a Corpse generates 3 Essence.
? Tier
Your Core Skills cost 5% more Essence, but deal x10% increased damage.
? Tier
Your damage has up to a 4% chance to create a corpse at the target's location.
? Tier
Your maximum Essence is increased by 3.