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Rapid Gambits Guide

Tier Rank Name Description
A Tier
Rapid GambitsYour Evade Cooldown is reduced by 0.5 seconds when you Daze an enemy.

Best Rapid Gambits Legendary Aspects To Use

The best legendary aspects to combo with Rapid Gambits passive in D4 is Aspect of Quickening Fog.

Legendary Aspects Good With Rapid Gambits
Tier Aspect Effect
? Tier
You automatically drop a Smoke Grenade at the end of Dash. Dash's Cooldown is reduced by [0.25 - 0.35] seconds for each enemy Dazed this way, up to [0.75 - 1.05] seconds.
? Tier
Dealing direct damage to a Dazed Enemy with an Agility Skill grants Stealth for 4 seconds. Breaking Stealth with an attack grants you [15 - 45%] Control Impaired Duration Reduction for 4 seconds.
? Tier
Lucky Hit: Dealing direct damage to a Vulnerable enemy has up to a [25 - 45%] chance to Daze them for 2 seconds.

Best Skills To Use with Rapid Gambits

The best skill synergy with the Rapid Gambits passive in D4 is Smoke Grenade, and there is also a strong passive synergy with Momentum.

Skills & Passives Good With Rapid Gambits
Tier Skills & Passives Description
B Tier
Throw a smoky concoction at enemies that Dazes them for 4 seconds.
Cooldown: 5 seconds
Enhanced Smoke Grenade
Countering Smoke Grenade
Subverting Smoke Grenade
A Tier
Cutthroat Skills grant a stack of Momentum for 8 seconds if they either: Hit a Stunned, Dazed, or Frozen enemy. Hit any enemy from behind. While at 3 stacks of Momentum you gain: 20% increased Damage Reduction 30% increased Energy Regeneration 15% increased Movement Speed
A Tier
When you Critically Strike a Dazed enemy they are Knocked Down for 0.5 seconds.