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Imbue Weapon: Shadow Stats

Stat Desc
Damage Type
9 seconds

Imbue Weapon: Shadow Guide

Detail Desc
Imbue your weapons with festering shadows. Enemies struck by your next 2 non- Basic Melee or Ranged Skills deal damage and infect enemies such that they explode for up to 73.83% (1,163) damage on death. Direct damage to infected enemies deals an additional 4.00% (63) Shadow damage.
Upgrade 1
Enhanced Imbue Weapon: Shadow
Critically Striking an enemy infected by Shadow Imbue has up to 30% chance to create a mini explosion dealing 26.25% (372 - 454) Shadow damage to them and nearby enemies.
Upgrade 2
Mixed Imbue Weapon: Shadow
Enemies damaged by Shadow Imbued Skills take x12% increased non-Physical damage for 8 seconds.
Upgrade 3
Blended Imbue Weapon: Shadow
Shadow Imbue’s primary explosion makes enemies Vulnerable for 2 seconds.

Best Skills To Use with Imbue Weapon: Shadow

Skills good with Imbue Weapon: Shadow
Tier Skill Description
? Tier
Place a trap that arms after 1.25 seconds. It activates when an enemy moves near, dealing 596.56% (8,460 - 10,340) damage to enemies in the area.
Type: Shadow
Cooldown: 45 seconds
Death Trap
Prime Death Trap
Supreme Death Trap

Best Imbue Weapon: Shadow Talents To Use

Talents good with Imbue Weapon: Shadow
Tier Talent Description