Ice Blades Stats and Upgrades

Ice Blades
Sorceress Conjuration Active
Lucky Hit Chance: 71%
Cooldown: 16
Conjure a pair of ice blades for 6.0 seconds that rapidly slash enemies for {23% / 25% / 28% / 30% / 32%} damage and have a 30% chance to make them Vulnerable for 2 seconds.
Ice Blades's Cooldown is reduced by 0.5 seconds each time it hits a Vulnerable enemy.
Your Ice Blades gain +10% increased Attack Speed per active Ice Blades.
20% of Enhanced Ice Blades's Cooldown reduction is applied to your other Skills.
Enchantment Effect:
For every 40 seconds in Cooldowns you spend, you spawn an Ice Blades on a random enemy.

Best Builds To Use with Ice Blades

We have a total of (2) builds that use the Sorceress Ice Blades Skill. You can view the best Ice Blades builds below and the complete guide by Clicking/Tapping them.