How To Start Getting Sigils in D4

To access Nightmare Dungeons, you first need to complete the Diablo 4 campaign. Once you have done that, get access to World Tier 3: Nightmare by playing on World Tier 2: Veteran and completing the Level 50 Cathedral of Light Capstone Dungeon in Kyovashad

After moving to World Tier 3: Nightmare, start completing Whispers of the Dead objectives for the Tree of Whispers in The Writhing Mire, Hawezar. These objectives reward you with Grim Favors, which can be traded to the Tree of Whispers for loot caches. These caches have a chance to drop a Nightmare Sigil consumable, which transforms one of Diablo 4's dungeons into a Nightmare Dungeon. You will also earn Sigils from completing Nightmare Dungeons, and you can also craft them at the Occultists after completing your first nightmare dungeon.

How To Get High Tier Sigils

Initially, your primary source of Sigils will be the Nightmare Dungeons themselves. Enemies and bosses within these dungeons have a relatively high chance of dropping a Sigil for a different dungeon. In some cases, that Sigil will be a Tier higher than the one of the Nightmare Dungeon you got it from. For example, a boss in a Tier 1 Nightmare Dungeon could drop a Tier 2 Nightmare Sigil.

The two primary ways to acquire high tier sigils in D4 are as follows:

  • World Tier 4 Tree of Whispers - Once on Torment difficulty, getting a cache from the Tree of Whispers gives a chance at finding a Tier 21+ Nightmare Sigil.
  • Crafting - Players can craft and salvage Sigils at the Occultist. Crafting Sacred Nightmare Sigils up to Tier 20 is possible for World Tier 3 players, while Ancestral Sigils up to Tier 100 can be crafted by the wide range of World Tier 4 players.
Sigil Tiers Breakdown
Sigil Tier Affixes Revives World Tier
Tier 1-10(1 Positive)
(2 Negative)
123 (Nightmare)
Tier 11-20(1 Positive)
(3 Negative)
123 (Nightmare)
Tier 21-100(1 Positive)
(4 Negative)
44 (Torment)
Sigil Tiers
Sigil Tier Afflictions World Tier Cost
Tier 1-5333 Sigil Powder
Tier 6-10336 Sigil Powder
Tier 11-154311 Sigil Powder
Tier 16-204320 Sigil Powder
Tier 21-255450 Sigil Powder
Tier 26-305480 Sigil Powder
Tier 31-3554125 Sigil Powder
Tier 36-4054190 Sigil Powder
Tier 41-5054275 Sigil Powder
Tier 51-6054350 Sigil Powder
Tier 61-7054375 Sigil Powder
Tier 71-8054400 Sigil Powder
Tier 81-9054425 Sigil Powder
Tier 91-10054450 Sigil Powder