How To Get Glyphs

Glyphs are a type of endgame item in Diablo 4. They are paragon nodes that can significantly enhance your character's power when placed thoughtfully and in conjunction with the other Paragon nodes you unlock. Getting to grips with this mechanic is essential as you approach the endgame.

Glyphs are most commonly obtained through Nightmare Dungeons. These dungeons offer a chance for Glyphs to drop from elites, chests, and the final boss. To enter these dungeons, certain prerequisites must be met first.

Reaching World Tier Three World tier three is required for access to Nightmare Dungeons. This status is achieved by completing the campaign and successfully beating the capstone dungeon in Kyovashad. Once this is done, your world tier can be modified at the statue in Kyovashad's main square.

How To Get Nightmare Sigils

Nightmare Sigils are necessary to activate Nightmare Dungeons. These can be earned through loot caches, which are obtained by completing Grim Favors for the Tree of Whispers. After acquiring a Nightmare Sigil, it should be used in your consumables to initiate the dungeon. Furthermore, Nightmare Dungeons themselves drop additional Nightmare Sigils, and the acquisition of a single Sigil will also unlock Sigil crafting in Kyovashad. After obtaining a Glyph, the next step is to incorporate it into your Paragon board.

  • Tree of Whispers - Completing Grim favors from the tree of Tree of Whispers, will reward you with a treasure cache which can contain Sigils.
  • Crafting - You will have access to Sigil crafting after obtain at least 1 Sigil.
  • Dungeon Drops - Nightmare Dungeons themselves drop additional Sigils you can use to run even more dungeons that drop Sigils.

How To Use Glyphs

A path must be built to your first Glyph slot by unlocking nodes using the Paragon points you obtain from leveling. Only after unlocking the slot can you place a Glyph in it. Each Glyph Node possesses a Radius and a Bonus, or a set of bonuses. The Radius determines the number of nodes that can be affected by the Glyph, while the Bonus is the effect that the Glyph has on the nodes within its radius.

The placement of Glyphs is crucial to maximizing their bonuses. As you progress and level up, you will unlock more specialized Glyphs and Glyph slots via your expanded Paragon board.

How To Level Glyphs in D4

Finally, you can level up your favorite Glyphs by completing Nightmare Dungeons. Each successful dungeon run allows you to upgrade a Glyph of your choosing, making its bonuses even stronger for each relevant node in its radius. This process can be repeated indefinitely, and the bonuses will continue to increase with each level. Increases the level of the glyph will also increase it radius, allowing it to affect more nodes.

Sigil Tiers
Sigil Tier Afflictions World Tier Cost
Tier 1-5333 Sigil Powder
Tier 6-10336 Sigil Powder
Tier 11-154311 Sigil Powder
Tier 16-204320 Sigil Powder
Tier 21-255450 Sigil Powder
Tier 26-305480 Sigil Powder
Tier 31-3554125 Sigil Powder
Tier 36-4054190 Sigil Powder
Tier 41-5054275 Sigil Powder
Tier 51-6054350 Sigil Powder
Tier 61-7054375 Sigil Powder
Tier 71-8054400 Sigil Powder
Tier 81-9054425 Sigil Powder
Tier 91-10054450 Sigil Powder