Frenzy Stats and Upgrades

Barbarian Basic Active
Fury Generate: 4
Lucky Hit Chance: 30%
Requires Dual Wielded Weapons
Unleash a rapid flurry of blows, dealing {22% / 24% / 26% / 28% / 30%} damage with each pair of hits.
If Frenzy hits an enemy, its Attack Speed is increased by +20% for 3 seconds, up to +60%.
While Frenzy is granting +60% bonus Attack Speed, it also generates 3 additional Fury.
While Berserking, your other skills gain +5% Attack Speed for each stack of Frenzy you have.
You gain 8% Damage Reduction each stack of Frenzy you currently have.

Best Builds To Use with Frenzy

We have a total of (1) builds that use the Barbarian Frenzy Skill. You can view the best Frenzy builds below and the complete guide by Clicking/Tapping them.

Best Malignant Hearts To Use With Frenzy

The best malignant heart to use with Frenzy in D4 is Caged Heart of Punishing Speed, which is a Devious Type Socket.

Best Aspects To Use with Frenzy

The best aspects to use with Frenzy skill in D4 is Accelerating Aspect, which is a Offensive Aspect and can only be used on Gloves, Offhand, 1H Weapon, 2H Weapon (+100%), Ring, Amulet (+50%) Equipment Slots.

Best Paragons To Use with Frenzy

The best paragon to use with Frenzy skill in D4 is Carnage, which is a Legendary Board Node.