Pokemon Sword and Shield Legendary Pokemon


Welcome to our Pokemon Sword and Shield Legendary Pokemon Guide, here you can view where to find every Legendary in Pokemon SS. Every Pokemon game series introduces a couple, sometimes a lot of mythical legendary pokemon, these are typically very powerful and are unlocked later in the game.




Pokemon Sword and Shield Legendary Pokemon List

The Pokemon Sword and Shield Legendary Pokemon List below will display how to find and unlock each Legendary Pokemon. We also included the Elemental Type, Moves List and some additional stats such as SP ATK, ATK, DEF, etc. These stats are important to check since not all legendary or mythic pokemon for that matter are strong enough to be used in battle effectively especially in high levels of battle.

Left is Zacian the Sword Legendary Pokemon
Right is Zamazenta the Shield Legendary Pokemon


You can Click/Tap the link names below to view even more infromation about each legendary playable in Pokemon S&S, such as Learnable Moves from Lvl, TMs and more.

Each NEW Gen 8 Legendary Pokemon joining the franchise will be indicated by a New.

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Name: Zacian New
Type: Fairy

Name: Zamazenta New
Type: Fighting

Name: Eternatus New
Type: Poison/Dragon


Name: Mew
Type: Psychic

Name: Mewtwo
Type: Psychic

Name: Celebi
Type: Psychic/Grass


Name: Lunala
Type: Psychic/Ghost

Name: Solgaleo
Type: Psychic/Steel

Name: Necrozma
Type: Psychic

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Name: Terrakion
Type: Ground/Fighting

Name: Virizion
Type: Grass/Fighting

Name: Reshiram
Type: Dragon/Fire


Name: Zekrom
Type: Dragon/Eletric

Name: Kyurem
Type: Dragon/Ice

Name: Keldeo
Type: Water/Fighting


Name: Jirachi
Type: Steel/Psychic

Name: Zeraora
Type: Electric

Name: ?
Type: ?



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