Pokemon Sword and Shield Type Weakness


Welcome to our Pokemon Sword and Shield Type Weakness Guide, just below there is a chart that will explain each pokemon weakness based on its Elemental Type. This knowledge combined with STAB(Same Type Attack Bonus) can be used to deal more damage to the enemy Pokemon.

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Pokemon Sword and Shield Type Weakness Chart

Using this Pokemon Sword and Shield Type Weakness Chart you can always find which type each pokemon is weak against, this is particularly useful when battling Gym Leader as they tend to have a lot of similar Elemental Types of pokemon. Using the right Pokemon with the right Type can allow your moves to deal double the damage, and that stacked with STAB(Same Type Attack Bonus) Damage can pack a punch.

  • super-effective – Super-Effective Against (Deals more Damage).
  • normal-damage – Normal Against (Deals regular amount of damage).
  • not-very-effective – Not Very Effective Against (Deals Less Damage).
  • no-effect – No Effect (Deals No Damage).

Pokemon SS Type Weakness Chart




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