WoW Classic Best Addons

Welcome to our World of Warcraft Classic Best Addons List, here we show the must-have Addons for Questing, Raiding, PVP, Leveling, Auction House and for general Quality of Life Improvements for the game. Since WoW Classic is working off the BFA Client and NOT Vanilla this makes suggesting Add-ons that have a good chance of working a bit easier.

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  • What are Addons? – These are Modification that you can make to your World of Warcraft Classic game, these will mostly improve the quality of life and add additional assistance for questing, raiding etc.

How To Install World of Warcraft Classic Add-Ons
Installing and using AddOns is an at your own risk. You can direct AddOn/Game Issues to Blizzard or the addon author.

  • Step 1: Download the Twitch App []
  • Step 2: Sign in if you don’t have a Twitch account you will need to make one.
  • Step 3: Once the Twitch App is open and you have logged in, select the “Mods” Tab near the top.
  • Step 4: Then select World of Warcraft.
  • Step 5: Click the “Get More Addons” tab to begin finding and installing Addons.

Best Add-Ons for Classic World of Warcraft

The Best Add-Ons Classic World of Warcraft are mostly ones that just make life easier when playing, we will list only the must-have Addons you need before you start playing. Some of these will be as simple as being able to Open All of your Mail within your Mailbox with one button. Others will be DPS Counters that can track your groups DPS, Total Damage, Total Healing and many more metrics that are helpful to be aware when doing Dungeons or Raids.

  • Details! Damage Meter – Used to track how much you or your group is doing in terms of DPS(Damage Per Second), Total Healing, and many other stats
  • Recount – Similar to Details! Damage Meter but a more simple version that is more new player friendly and lite weight.
  • WeakAuras 2 – Allows players to more easily keep track of Buffs, Debuffs and other relevant information.
  • Postal – Makes managing your Mailbox easier
  • Bagnon – Helps player find items easier within their Inventory, Bank and Guild Vault.
  • Atlas – Provides players with World, Dungeon, Battleground and Raid Maps
  • AtlasLoot Enhanced – Shows the possible loot from bosses.
  • SavedInstances – Tracks Daily and Weekly Quests, Trade Skill Cooldowns and many other things that are helpful.
  • WIM – Improves the overall UI and Chat Experience in WoW.

Best Addons For Auction House

List of the Best Addons for the Auction House, these tools will help you with various activities you will find yourself doing within the AH. You can scan the AH and find the best deals and even speed up the time it takes to post your own items, gear or stacks of materials for a competitive price without much effort. There is so much more you can do this is just scratching the surface of things you can do, we consider these as a must have for any WoW Classic player.

  • Auctioneer – Various Tools to improve your Auction House Buys/Sells.
  • Auctionator – Similar to the Auctioneer but with different features and not as popular for whatever reason.
  • TradeSkillMaster – also known as TSM is another tool that can help players gather cheap materials from the AH and Gold Making activities.

Best Addons For PVP

The Best Addons for PVP, for the most part, will be those that can Track Cooldowns of enemy spells, knowing when an enemy can use certain key spells is a huge help. Others Add-Ons attempt to organize what going no and what you are seeing in a more effective way, such Battlegroundsenemies making easier to keep track your allies and if they are CC or need healing.

  • OmniBar – This is used to track enemy Cooldowns, such as Counterspell, Spell Lock, Kick and more.
  • BattleGroundEnemies – Lightweight Addon that shows Allies and Enemies in a Battleground.
  • H. H. T. D. – Finds and automatically adds healer Symbols on top players that are Healing.

Best Addons For Leveling

The Best Addons for Leveling help players speed up the process with features that will save you time when playing the game. Even if you don’t have speed levelling in mind you may find many of these addons features simply useful while playing the game.

  • Azeroth Auto Pilot – Various Features such as Auto Skipping Cutscenes, Auto Talk to NPC, Auto Pickup and Hand in quests, etc.


Best Addons For Questing

The Best Addons for Questing are super helpful to new players in classic WoW as some of these quests can be confusing and downright difficult. These Mods will make questing much easier and provide you will additional information about the quest and it chains, in the case of immersion it will help with the overall UI and make it more pleasing.

  • Immersion – Replacement for the dated quest & gossip frames.
  • BtWQuests + BtWQuests: Classic – Shows your progress within quest chains in a simple and easy to follow manner.
  • Quest Completist – Allows you to see what quests you have completed, and what ones you still have to do.

Best Addons For Raiding

The Best Addons for Raiding will help you will find and completing Raids, this includes warning sounds and information during and before fighting certain bosses. These mods are almost a must-have for players who are serious about Raiding and will be worth the trouble of getting in our opinion.

  • Deadly Boss Mods – Hands one of the Best Add-Ons for Dungeons and Raiding in Classic WoW.
  • BigWigs Bossmods – Similar to Deadly Boss Mods and is an alternative to it.

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You can view more WoW Classic Guides by Clicking/Tapping the links below.