WoW Classic Leatherworking Guide


Welcome to our World of Warcraft Classic Leatherworking Guide, we walk you through the fastest way to level up from 1 to the max level 300 Leatherworking Skill. You will want to pair this with the Skinning to make it a lot cheaper to level up. List of the materials you will need and also included images detailing where to find each Leatherworking Trainer in WoW Classic.

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 WoW Classic Leatherworking Trainer Locations

Every Major City Leatherworking Trainers Location in WoW Classic. Depending on which Race you choose you will likely end up in one of these Cities.

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Orgrimmar Leatherworking Trainer Location
 Orc |  Troll



Thunder Bluff Leatherworking Trainer Location



Ironforge Leatherworking Trainer Location
 Dwarf |  Gnome


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Undercity Leatherworking Trainer Location



Stormwind Leatherworking Trainer Location


Darnassus Leatherworking Trainer Location
Night Elf



World of Warcraft Classic Leatherworking Leveling Guide

This World of Warcraft Classic Leatherworking Leveling Guide the fastest way to level from 1 to 300 Leatherworking Skill. You will need the Skinning Profession as your secondary as Leatherworking will be unbearable expense without using it to gather the many types of leather you will need.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

  • [Apprentice Leatherworking] (Level 1-75) – Any Major City
  • [Journeyman Leatherworking] (Level 75-150) – Any Major City
  • [Expert Leatherworking] (Level 150-225) – Any Major City
  • [Artisan Leatherworking] (Level 225-300) – Any Major City

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Recommended Profession to pair/use with Leatherworking –  Skinning Guide[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Where do I get items like Coarse Thread, Fine Thread, etc? – You can purchase Threads from the Supply Vendors near the Profession Trainer NPC.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Level 1-20

You should be using Skinning as your secondary profession which will provide you with a lot of Ruined Leather Scraps, these alone can provide you with an easy 20 levels.

  • Learn [Apprentice Leatherworking] 
  • Materials Needed 60 Ruined Leather Scraps
  • Make 20 Light Leather


Level 20-30

  • Materials Needed 10 Light Leather
  • Make 10 Light Armor Kit


Level 30-50

  • Materials Needed 40 Light Leather + 20 Coarse Thread
  • Make 20 Handstitched Leather Belt


Level 50-55

  • Materials Needed 30 Light Leather + 5 Coarse Thread
  • Make 5 Handstitched Leather Belt
  • Learn [Journeyman Leatherworking]


Level 55-85

  • Materials Needed 90 Light Leather + 30 Coarse Thread
  • Make 30 Embossed Leather Gloves


Level 85-100

You are going to make 15 Fine Leather Belts, you will want to SAVE these as we will use them in a later recipe to make Dark Leather Belts.

  • Materials Needed 15 Fine Leather Belt
  • Make 90 Light Leather + 30 Coarse Thread


Level 100-115

If you have some Un-cured Medium Hide you can level 15 levels just from curing 15 medium hides, if you don’t have any then making some leather kits does the trick.

  • Materials Needed 60 Medium Leather
  • Make 15 Medium leather Kit




Level 115-130

You could auction off these boots you make to players looking for some gear upgrades.

  • Materials Needed 60 Medium Leather + 30 Fine Thread + 15 Gray Dye
  • Make 15 Dark Leather Boots


Level 130-145

Those Fine Leather Belts you made earlier are now going to be used in this next recipe, however, this recipe also requires Medium Hide which can be expensive. If you cannot afford the hide then you can just make Dark Leather Cloaks till level 145. If you do make the Dark Leather Belt you can sell those for a pretty good price on Auction House.

  • Materials Needed 15 Fine Leather Belts + 15 Cured Medium Hide + 30 Fine Thread + 15 Gray Dye
  • Make 15 Dark Leather Belt


Level 145-150

  • Materials Needed 70 Medium Leather + 20 Fine Thread
  • Make 5 Hillman’s Leather Gloves
  • Learn [Expert Leatherworking] 


Level 150-160

Save these 10 Cured Heavy Hide as you will need these for a later recipe.

  • Materials Needed 10 Heavy Hide
  • Make 10 Cured Heavy Hide


Level 160-170

  • Materials Needed 50 Heavy Leather 
  • Make 10 Heavy Armour Kit


Level 170-180

  • Materials Needed 120 Heavy Leather + 20 Bolts of Silk Cloth
  • Make 10 Guardian Pants


Level 180-190

You will use the 10 Cured Heavy Hide you made earlier for this recipe.

  • Materials Needed 80 Heavy Leather + 10 Cured Heavy Hide + 20 Fine Thread
  • Make 10 Barbaric Shoulders


Level 190-195

  • Materials Needed 80 Heavy Leather 
  • Make 5 Dusky Bracers


Level 195-205

Blacksmithing Profession can make Iron Buckles, you can also purchase them from other players in the Auction House.

  • Materials Needed 100 Heavy Leather  + 20 Bolts of Silk Cloth + 10 Iron Buckle
  • Make 10 Dusky Belt
  • Learn [Artisan Leatherworking]


Level 205-235

  • Materials Needed 175 Thick Leather + 70 Silken Thread
  • Make 35 Nightscape Headband


Level 235-250

  • Materials Needed 210 Thick Leather + 60 Silken Thread
  • Make 15 Nightscape Pants


Level 250-265

  • Materials Needed 100 Rugged Leather
  • Make 20 Rugged Leather Armour kit


Level 265-290

  • Materials Needed 200 Rugged Leather + 25 Black Dye + 25 Rune Thread
  • Make 25 Wicked Leather Bracers




Level 290-300

  • Materials Needed 120 Rugged Leather + 10 Black Dye + 10 Rune Thread
  • Make 10 Wicked Leather Headband


You Reached Max Level Leatherworking

Now that you have maxed out this profession you can make various types of leather gear and other useful Raid gear such as Onyxia Scale Cloak, most of which can be learnt from Recipes purchased from various Vendors. We recommend collecting Recipes from the following Vendors:

Every 3 days, Leatherworkers can transmute Salt Shaker, which is used to make Cured Rugged Hide.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

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