WoW Classic Skinning Guide


Welcome to our World of Warcraft Classic Skinning Guide, the fastest method to level up from 1 to 300 Skinning Skill the maximum level. We included Images Locations of Farming Routes for skinning mobs, you will want to pair this profession with Leatherworking so you have something to do with all that leather you will recive.


WoW Classic-Skinning-Leveling-guide


 WoW Classic Skinning Trainer Locations

Every Major City Skinning Trainers Location in WoW Classic. Depending on which Race you choose you will likely end up in one of these Cities.

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Orgrimmar Skinning Trainer Location
 Orc |  Troll



Thunder Bluff Skinning Trainer Location



Ironforge Skinning Trainer Location
 Dwarf |  Gnome


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Undercity Skinning Trainer Location



Stormwind Skinning Trainer Location


Darnassus Skinning Trainer Location
Night Elf



World of Warcraft Classic Skinning Leveling Guide

World of Warcraft Classic Skinning Leveling Guide How To Leve from 1 to 300 Skinning Skill the fastest method. This is a solid secondary profession to pair with Leatherworking since it will provide you will many of the Materials you will need to craft gear, you can also just sell the leather at the auction house. Below we have images detailing routes you can follow to slay Mobs and Skin them and level up fast, we will do out best to have an option for both Horde and Alliance Players earlier on in the guide.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]List of what levels mobs have to be for skinning specific types of Leather, for example, you will skin Thick Leather from Mobs around level 35-63.

Leather Drop Mob Lvl
Ruined Leather Scraps  1-16
Light Leather
Light Hide
Medium Leather
Medium Hide
Heavy Leather
Heavy Hide
Thick Leather
Thick Hide  40-59
Rugged Leather  43-63
Rugged Hide


  • [Apprentice Skinning] (Level 1-75) – Any Major City
  • [Journeyman Skinning] (Level 75-150) – Any Major City
  • [Expert Skinning] (Level 150-225) – Any Major City
  • [Artisan Skinning] (Level 225-300) – Any Major City

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Recommended Profession to pair/use with Skinning –  Leatherworking Guide[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Level 1-50

Best locations to start levelling up the skinning skill for both Horde Faction (Durotar right outside of Orgrimmar) and Alliance Faction (Elwynn Forest right outside Stormwind City) Players in WoW Classic.

  • Learn [Apprentice Skninning] 
  • Purchase [Skninning Knife] 
  • Level Range 1-10 (Ruined Leather Scraps, Light Leather)
  • Skinnable Mobs Boars, Scorpions, Raptors (Durotar) | Wolves, Bears (Elwynn Forest)
  • Locations
    Durotar (Horde)

    Elwynn Forest
  • Learn [Journeyman Skinning]


Level 50-100

  • Level Range 10-25 (Medium Leather)
  • Skinnable Mobs Plainstriders, Raptors, Prowlers (The Barrens) | Boars (Westfall)
  • Locations
    The Barrens (Horde)



Level 100-150

  • Level Range 20-30 (Heavy Leather)
  • Skinnable Mobs Bears, Mountain Lions
  • Locations
    Hillsbrad Foothills
  • Learn [Expert Skinning]




Level 150-200

  • Level Range 20-30 (Heavy Leather)
  • Skinnable Mobs Yeti, Mountain Lions
  • Locations
    Alterac Mountains
  • Learn [Artisan Skinning]


Level 200-250

  • Level Range 40-50 (Thick Leather)
  • Skinnable Mobs Silvermanes, Gryphons
  • Locations
    The Hinterlands


Level 250-300

  • Level Range 50-55 (Rugged Leather)
  • Skinnable Mobs Almost Any Mob in this Zone
  • Locations
    Un’goro Crater


You Reached Max Level Skinning

Now that you have maxed out this profession you can now skin certain high-level monsters for their leather or hide, which is used to make leather gear and as ingredinets in other recipes.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

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