WoW Classic Leveling Guides


Welcome to our World of Warcraft Classic Leveling Guides List, Below we rank the Best and Fastest Classes to use when levelling from 1 to 60. We also made another section with what Talent Spec we think are the best for the tough levelling process that is Classic WoW, just below that you can find links to our complete guides for each class and our recommended Talent Build to use and locations to farm to make it faster and easier.



World of Warcraft Classic Best Leveling Class

Before we give you the Classic WoW Best Leveling Class, let’s discuss what we consider to be the Best Classes to choose for levelling. These are ranked based on how fast and easy it is to level up from 1 – 60 whether you are doing it with a group or simply Solo levelling yourself. Classes with AOE Damage and the ability to self heal tend to rank higher simply because it’s much easier to level up when you can sustain your health and clear mobs of monsters. In the case of Warlock and Hunter Class you have a pet that can help tank mobs while you DPS them down, this is another huge benefit when leveling up.

  • Best  –  class_druid Druid, class_warlock Warlock, class_hunter Hunter, class_mage Mage
  • Average  – class_priest Priest, class_paladin Paladin, class_shaman Shaman
  • Below Average  –  class_rogue Rogue, class_warrior Warrior

Best Duo Leveling Classes

For players who plan to play with others, we recommend these as the Best Duo Leveling Classes. These rankings take into account the synergy between classes and how fast they can level from 1-60 together. For example, having a healer to pair with the Warrior makes for a strong combo since you can now tank mobs more effectively, while the Priest DoTs (Damage Over Time) mobs.

  • Best  –  class_priestclass_warrior Priest +  Warrior – class_mageclass_mage Mage +  Mage – class_hunter class_hunter Hunter +  Hunter – class_warlockclass_priest Warlock +  Priest
  • Average  – class_shamanclass_warrior Shaman +  Warrior – class_warlockclass_paladin Warlock +  Paladin – class_warlockclass_druid Warlock +  Druid
  • Below Average  – class_shamanclass_druid Shaman +  Druid – class_warriorclass_paladin Warrior +  Paladin – class_mageclass_priest Mage +  Priest

When you level up with a party in classic WoW the amount of EXP you gain is reduced, the more player in your group and are near you the less EXP is gained per mob kill. These amounts slightly adjust depending on your level and the mobs level as killing higher levels mobs will increase the EXP gained slightly.

Party Size 1 2 3 4 5
EXP Gained 100%  50%  38%  32%  28%

Classic WoW Best Spec For Leveling Up 

This section gets a bit more in-depth as a Classic WoW Best Spec For Leveling Up Tier List, where certain classes can a have a really good spec for levelling while the other talent specs are more useful in PVP. Just below this, you can find links to our complete levelling guides for each class, where you can view to find all the information you will need to level up fast. This includes easy to gather weapons, locations you can farm mobs and a complete talent spec build we recommend while going from 1-60 in classic wow.

  • Best  –  Feral Combat –  Beast Mastery –  Shadow –  Enhancement –  Demonology –  Affliction –  Destruction –  Frost – Fire
  • Average  –  Restoration – Marksmanship –  Holy – Elemental –  Holy –  Restoration –  Protection – Survival –  Arcane – Elemental
  • Below Average  –  Balance –  Retribution –  Discipline –  Assassination –  Combat –  Subtlety –  Arms –  Fury –  Protection




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