WoW Classic PVP Builds

Welcome to our World of Warcraft Classic PVP Guide for Battlegrounds. Below we rank the Best Races and Class Specs for Player Versus Player gameplay, we also provide you with links to each class where you can find full builds with Talent Tree images and other useful information.


World of Warcraft Classic Best PVP Builds

Best PVP Race For Battlegrounds

This PVP Race Ranking focuses on what players will find useful in the Battlegrounds when trying to stay alive or doing damage. As such Races like Gnomes and Undead are good as Mages, Warlocks and Priests, while Dwarfs and Orcs are strong as Hunters and Warriors.

  • Best –   Orc,  Dwarves,  Gnome,  Undead
  • Average –  Night Elf,  Tauren,  Humans
  • Weak  –  Troll

Best PVP Class For Battlegrounds

This list is based on overall strength and late game class viability within PVP battlegrounds, if you are looking for Twink Guides this is not it. We are assuming you are level 60 or at least plan to be and rank these classes with that in mind. Since the Class ranking can vary drastically depending on the Talent spec you choose you should check out our Class Tier List.

  • Best  – class_rogue Rogue, class_priest Priest
  • Average  – class_shaman Shaman, class_warrior Warrior, class_mage Mage, class_warlock Warlock
  • Below Average  – class_paladin Paladin, class_hunter Hunter, class_druid Druid

Best PVP Professions For Battlegrounds

The go-to for PVP Professions are Engineering and Alchemy as they can provide so much different utility when it comes to versing other players. For classes such as Hunter, Warrior and others that cannot self heal effectively will find First Aid very helpful for staying alive.

  • Best –  Engineering,  Alchemy
  • Average –   Blacksmithing,  Enchanting,  Leatherworking,  Tailoring
  • Not Good –  Herbalism,  Mining,  Skinning
  • Honorable Mention – first aid First Aid | This is a must-have for classes who cannot heal themselves.

Best PVP Add-Ons

We thought we should include some basic yet essential Add-Ons for making PVP Battlegrounds experience even better. Using the Twitch App you can set up these WoW Add-Ons with ease and help you keep track of enemy Cooldown, Allies and Enemy Health/Mana.

  • OmniBar – This is used to track enemy Cooldowns, such as Counterspell, Spell Lock, Kick and more.
  • BattleGroundEnemies – Lightweight Addon that shows Allies and Enemies in a Battleground.
  • H. H. T. D. – Finds and automatically adds healer Symbols on top players that are Healing.


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