WoW Classic PVP Warlock Build


Welcome to our World of Warcraft Classic PVP Warlock Builds List. This guide is complete with detail on each spec how they will perform in PVP Battlegrounds, we also included links to the full spec build which has Gear Stats and the Talents you should get. We also listed some of the strengths and weaknesses so you know what you are about to start playing if you do decide to play it.


Best PVP Warlock Race 

The Warlock Class like with most Cloth Wearing Casters, you will need to some sort of CC Removal just to survive. This is why Undead and Gnomes Racial Traits are a must have in the PVP Battlegrounds, if you already rolled Human or Orc they have their perks. Humans can spot Rogues before they strike which help and Orcs reduce Stuns which can also help and they are solid choices.

  • Best  –  Undead,  Gnome
  • Average  –   Humans,  Orc
  • Weak  –
  • Not Available –  Dwarves,  Night Elf,   Troll,  Tauren

Best PVP Warlock Spec

When it comes to PVP Warlock Specs we Recommend 2 Spec Builds, one is the Affliction which can flex easily between PVP and PVE for some of the easiest 1-60 Leveling of any class. Then there is the Destruction Spec which plays more like a Fire Mage and can do really well in the PVP of Battlegrounds. You could Demonology and have little for with Pets and annoying the enemy, but that’s if you really like that playstyle.

  • Best  –  warlock_destruction Destruction, warlock_affliction Affliction
  • Average  – warlock_demonology Demonology
  • Weak  –

World of Warcraft Classic Best PVP Warlock Build


warlock_affliction PVP Affliction Warlock

This is one of our most recommended specs since it can flex between PVE and PVP Battlegrounds content rather easily. You can easily top the Damage Charts if you are able to get DOTs (Damage Over Time) spells casted, keeping your dots active on enemy players is the name of the game with this class.


warlock_destruction PVP Destruction Warlock

As mentioned below one of this spec strength is it plays somewhat similar to the Fire Mage Spec, this means channelling big spells for big damage. The bonus with the warlock is that you have a Healthstone which is very useful as a clutch heal among other useful talents you can spec for.


warlock_demonology PVP Demonology Warlock

This spec can be pretty fun annoying players in PVP, other then that we recommend one of the other spec if you are looking to do big damage. If you just love this playstyle feel free to use in PVP although relying on a pet for most of your fight is not always the best option when it comes to PVP Builds.




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