WoW Classic Best Healer

Welcome to our World of Warcraft Classic Best Healer Tier List, ranking the most effective Healing Class/Spec in the meta for doing Dungeons and Raids. We have two sections one were we rank them in a PVP setting and the other within a PVE setting, as this affects what we think is the best choice is depending on what content you plan to play in Classic WoW.


Healing Best Healer Tier List Rankings

  • Best Healing – (Best) Highest Healer ranking in our WoW Classic Healing Class Spec Tier List.
  • Strong Healing – (Strong) Very good, but not as strong the Best Healing Specs.
  • Average Healing – (Average) Average choice but we recommend something better.
  • Weak Healing – (Weak) These classes have the ability to heal but are not viable for this Role.

We didn’t add certain Classes/Specs that are considered an Only DPS or Only Tank Class.

WoW Classic Best Healing Class Spec For PVP

WoW Classic Best Healing Class Spec For PVP Battlegrounds, these rankings take into account how well said class/spec can survive in a Player versus Player situation. This will mostly come from their abilities, or Armor type and any other factors we consider to be an impact on this role within the PVP context.

  • Best Healer For PVP –   Priest Holy –  Shaman Restoration –  Paladin Holy
  • Strong Healer For PVP –   Druid Restoration
  • Good Healer For PVP –    Priest Discipline
  • Weak Healer For PVP –   Priest Shadow –  Shaman Elemental – Druid Balance

We have 3 really good options for Best Healers For PVP, Holy Priest is an obvious one. Shaman are also pretty good thanks to their burst heals, Totems that can help them kite attackers and Bloodlust Ability. Paladin can also offer a lot when keeping others alive, but trying to kill a paladin healer can be difficult if they have the hand of freedom cooldown up and the fact that they wear Plate Armor.

WoW Classic Best Healing Class Spec For PVE

WoW Classic Best Healing Class Spec For PVE Tier List is focused on healer performance within a  Dungeons, Raids, Questing. Having reliable Abilities to keep your group alive and any Buffs is another huge bonus for groups when doing any type of PVE content.

  • Best Healer For PVE –   Priest Holy
  • Strong Healer For PVE –   Druid Restoration –  Shaman Restoration
  • Good Healer For PVE –  Paladin Holy
  • Weak Healer For PVE –   Priest Shadow –  Shaman Elemental – Druid Balance –  Priest Discipline

We consider Priest to be the Best Healer for Dungeons and raids, its almost required to have at least 1 Priest when Raiding that just shows how important they are in the Raid/Dungeon Meta in Classic WoW. The buff that priest can provide to the group is a nice little bonus to have as well.


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