WoW Classic Warlock Guide


Welcome to our World of Warcraft Classic Warlock Guide everything you need to get started playing the Warlock Class. Primary Stats Explained and how they affect your characters Damage and Spell Crit Chance. We list what we think are the Best Races, Weapons, Professions to use and Talent Specs to build are. We also decided to include images showing the locations of all the Warlock Trainer NPCs in WoW Classic.


  • Warlock Primary Attributes Stats – Intellect, Spirit, Stamina
  • 1% Spell Critical Strike chance for every 60.6 points of intellect.
  • 15 Mana for each point of Intellect.
  • 1 melee Attack Power per point of strength.
  • 10 Health for every point of Stamina.


Warlock Class Race Stats Str Agi Sta Int Spi
 Human  20  20  20  20  21
 15  23  19  24  20
 19  18  21  18  25
 23  17  22  17  23
  •  Warlock Class Bonus Stats – Intellect +2 | Spirit +2 | Stamina +1



Quote from World of Warcraft Classic User Manual
Although many that consort with demons fall to darkness, the warlock class manages to bend demonic forces to its will without succumbing to pure evil. These spellcasters can summon demons to serve them, and they also cast many painful spells that slowly eat at the life of enemies. Warlocks are a physically weak class, but they compensate for this deficiency with their potent array of spells and their demonic pets.


Warlock Class Best Race

Similar to the other cloth classes the Warlock Class Best Race for the Horde in our opinion is Undead but we think the Orc comes in at a very close second and both are strong choices. For the alliance, Gnomes are strong on any cloth wearing class thanks to their bonus 5% INT and ability to remove snares. The Human race is solid and either choice is good, but if you plan to play more PVP you may find the Human Stealth Detect to be rather useful for keeping Rogues and Feral Combat Druids at bay.

  • Best  –  Undead,  Gnome
  • Average  –   Humans,  Orc
  • Weak  –
  • Not Available –  Dwarves,  Night Elf,   Troll,  Tauren


WoW Classic Warlock Best Weapon To Use

List of WoW Classic Warlock Weapons you can use, you may have to visit your trainer to learn the ability to use these weapons.

  • Common Weapon Skills – Daggers, Unarmed, Wands
  • Advanced Weapon Skills – Staves, One-Handed Swords
  • Armor Type You Can Use – Cloth


Best Profession For Warlock

The best profession for warlock class is between two choices and either one is really good. Alchemy can help a lot with sustain when solo levelling and also has value for Raiding as you can create Elixirs that buff your ally stats for a duration of time. Tailoring which pairs great with Enchanting is another easy choice since with this profession you can raft you own cloth gear equipment and does not require some sort of gathering profession since monsters drop the cloth you will be using.

  • Best  –  Alchemy +  Herbalism OR  Enchanting +  Tailoring




World of Warcraft Classic Warlock Class Talent Spec


Warlock Spec Roles

You have 3 Strong DPS Specs to choose from, with Demonology being a strong choice for Solo Leveling up in Classic WoW. This class can be used as an Off Tank for certain Bosses with the help of your Pet and the Demonology Spec. This does not mean you can tank the entire dungeon as a warlock, in case that wasn’t clear.

  • DPS Warlock DPS Spec warlock_destruction Destruction, warlock_affliction Affliction, warlock_demonology Demonology
  • Healing Warlock Healer Spec – N/A
  • Tank Warlock Tank Spec warlock_demonology Demonology (Off-Tank)

Best Warlock Class Spec

The two Best Warlock Class Specs are between Destruction and Affliction, Demonology has its use and in rare cases can be used as an off-tank spec, however, we mostly recommend it for 1-60 levelling. Affliction use lots of DOT (Damage Over Time) Ability spells, spamming these in Raid, Dungeons and even Battlegrounds can easily get Warlock to the top of the DPS Charts. Destruction plays more similar the Fire mage, you can burst enemies for huge amounts of damage, this makes for a strong PVP Spec.

  • Best  –  warlock_destruction Destruction, warlock_affliction Affliction
  • Average  – warlock_demonology Demonology
  • Weak  –

Recommended WoW Classic Warlock Talent Spec Build



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WoW Classic Warlock Trainer Locations

Where to find each Warlock Trainer Location in WoW Classic, below are images that detail where you can find the NPC Trainer in each major city players visit regularly.[/vc_column_text][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

Orgrimmar Warlock Trainer Location
 Orc |  Troll



Thunder Bluff Warlock Trainer Location


Ironforge Warlock Trainer Location
 Dwarf |  Gnome


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Undercity Warlock Trainer Location



Stormwind Warlock Trainer Location



Darnassus Warlock Trainer Location
Night Elf


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