WoW Classic Druid Guide


Welcome to our World of Warcraft Classic Druid Guide everything you need to know to play the Druid Class. We have Race Base Stats and how your Primary Stats affect your character. We also have the Best Race, Weapons, Profession and Talent Specs to use. For good mesure, we included images to help show the locations of every Druid trainer within Major/Captial Cities in WoW Classic.


  • Druid Primary Attributes Stats – Intellect, Agility, Stamina, Spirit
  • 1% Spell Critical Strike chance for every 60 points of intellect.
  • 15 Mana for each 1 point of Intellect.
  • 2 melee Attack Power per 1 point of Strength.
  • 1 melee Attack Power per 1 point of Agility.
  • 1% Critical Strike Chance for every 20 points of Agility.


Druid Class Race Stats Str Agi Sta Int Spi
Night Elf  17  25  19  20  20
 25  15  22  15  22
  • WoW-Classic-Druid-Guide Druid Class Bonus Stats – Intellect +2 | Spirit +2 | Strength +1



Quote from World of Warcraft Classic User Manual
The druid is a formidable class with good healing ability, potent offensive spells, excellent buffs, and the unique ability to shapechange into different animal types. In its animal forms, the druid can adopt new roles, such as that of a warrior or rogue, giving it great versatility.


Druid Class Best Race

When it comes to the Druid Class Best Race you don’t really have a choice since for Horde players only Tauren and Alliance players only Night Elf can become the Druid Class. You could flex between Factions to choose the strongest race but we don’t consider it worth it, so we recommend you play the Faction you want.

  • Best  –   Night Elf,  Tauren
  • Average  –
  • Weak  –
  • Not Available –   Gnome,  Undead,  Humans,  Dwarves,  Troll,  Orc


WoW Classic Druid Best Weapon To Use

List of WoW Classic Druid Weapons you can use, you may have to visit your trainer to learn the ability to use these weapons.

  • Common Weapon Skills – Staves, Unarmed, One-Handed Maces or Daggers
  • Advanced Weapon Skills – Daggers, Fist Weapons, Spears
  • Armor Type You Can Use – Cloth, Leather


Best Profession For Druid

The best profession for druid class is an easy one for horde and here’s why. Since Horde will have to choose the Tauren Race just to roll Druid Class, the Tauren Racial Trait provides them with 5+ Herbalism Skill. If you are not sure why this is good you can visit our Herbalism Guide below to learn more. You could also choose Leatherworking and Skinning if you can’t stand picking herbs and making potions since with leatherworking you can make some useful gear for this class.

  • Best  –  Alchemy +  Herbalism OR  Leatherworking +  Skinning




World of Warcraft Classic Druid Class Talent Spec


Druid Spec Roles

Below we list each talent spec and what roles they can fill within the WoW Classic Meta. With Feral Combat you can focus on DPS (Cat Form) or Tanking Mobs (Bear Form), however, we consider Druid Tanks to be a weak option as Warrior are far more viable for that role in dungeons/raids.

  • DPS Druid DPS Spec –  druid_feral combat Feral Combat, druid_balance Balance
  • Healing Druid Healer Spec druid_restoration Restoration
  • Tank Druid Tank Spec – druid_feral combat Feral Combat

Best Druid Class Spec

We consider Feral Combat to the best overall since you can use it to Solo Level very effectively and can be pretty strong in PVP. Like with most Healing Specs in WoW Classic its hard to have too much of them and Restoration Druid provide its own use in Raids/Dungeons. Balance Spec has big mana problems which makes it a pain to use in PVP but has seen some viability within Raids/Dungeons PVE content.

  • Best  –  druid_restoration Restoration, druid_feral combat Feral Combat
  • Average  – druid_balance Balance
  • Weak  –

Recommended WoW Classic Druid Talent Spec Build



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WoW Classic Druid Trainer Locations

Where to find each Druid Trainer Location in WoW Classic, below are images that details where you can find the NPC Trainer in each major city players visit regularly.[/vc_column_text][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

Orgrimmar Druid Trainer Location
 Orc |  Troll


Thunder Bluff Druid Trainer Location



Ironforge Druid Trainer Location
 Dwarf |  Gnome

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Undercity Druid Trainer Location


Stormwind Druid Trainer Location



Darnassus Druid Trainer Location
Night Elf



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