WoW Classic Shaman Guide


Welcome to our World of Warcraft Classic Shaman Guide a quick start for players interested in this Horde Faction Only Shaman Class. We go through the Best Race, Weapons, Professions and Talent Specs to Build and the Locations of every Shaman Class trainer in WoW Classic. Details about each races base stats can be found below and an explanation on how your primary stats affect your crit chance and other useful stats.


  • Shaman Primary Attributes Stats – Intellect, Stamina, Spirit, Strength
  • 2 melee Attack Power per point of Strength.
  • block 1 Damage for every 20 points of Strength.
  • 1% Critical Strike Chance for every 20 points of Agility.
  • 15 Mana for each point of Intellect.
  • 1% Spell Critical Strike chance for every 59.5 points of intellect.

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text] Horde ONLY Class

Shaman Class Race Stats Str Agi Sta Int Spi
 Orc  23  17  22  17  23
 25  15  22  15  22
 21  22  21  16  21
  •  Shaman Class Bonus Stats – Strength +1 | Stamina +1 | Spirit +2 | Intellect +1


Quote from World of Warcraft Classic User Manual
Shamans are the spiritual advisors of the Horde. The shaman is a versatile and flexible class that fulfills many roles in an adventuring party. While other classes are pure fighters or spellcasters, the shaman enjoys a happy medium in between. The shaman is an effective spellcaster, but can also fight extremely well with mace and staff.


Shaman Class Best Race

The Shaman Class Best Race is limited and exclusive to the Horde Faction, this leaves you will only 3 options for you to choose from. Each is strong in their own way, but we think that Tauren and Orc are at the top due to their Racial Traits. Mainly Orc as they can have both Bloodlust and Bloodfury these combine is huge buff when it comes to damaging enemies or raid bosses.

  • Best  –  Tauren,  Orc
  • Average  –   Troll
  • Weak  –
  • Not Available –  Dwarves,  Night Elf,  Undead,  Gnome,  Humans


WoW Classic Shaman Best Weapon To Use

List of WoW Classic Shaman Weapons you can use, you may have to visit your trainer to learn the ability to use these weapons.

  • Common Weapon Skills – One-Handed Maces, Staves, Unarmed
  • Advanced Weapon Skills – One-Handed Axes, Daggers, Fist Weapons
  • Armor Type You Can Use – Cloth, Leather, Shield, Mail (Level 40)


Best Profession For Shaman

The best profession for shaman class is between two options, first is Alchemy and Herbalism. Alchemy provides many useful potions for both PVP and PVE Raiding Content, on top of the constant supply and demand for this potions/elixirs. Leatherworking is another good choice, this profession allows you to craft your own gear and isn’t too bad in terms of making money either.

  • Best  –  Alchemy +  Herbalism OR  Skinning +  Leatherworking




World of Warcraft Classic Shaman Class Talent Spec


Shaman Spec Roles

The Shaman Class can fill the DPS and Healer Role effectively and even the Tank Role fairly well, being able to wield a shield and totems really helps this class tank Mobs and Bosses. When it comes to PVP DPS both Elemental and Enhancement are a strong choice.

  • DPS Shaman DPS Spec shaman_elemental Elemental, shaman_enhancement Enhancement
  • Healing Shaman Healer Spec shaman_restoration Restoration
  • Tank Shaman Tank Spec shaman_enhancement Enhancement (Semi-Tank)

Best Shaman Class Spec

The Best Shaman Class Specs is between all 3, we consider Elemental to be a strong Late Game DPS and PVP spec in Classic WoW. Restoration is another strong healing spec, and in our opinion shines the most in PVP, thanks to the totems and other useful spells. Enhancement is also really good as a melee dps, the only downside is it can be a little too gear dependent and without the right gear you will lack damage to Raid or even PVP properly.

  • Best  –  shaman_elemental Elemental, shaman_enhancement Enhancement
  • Average  – shaman_restoration Restoration
  • Weak  –

Recommended WoW Classic Shaman Talent Spec Build



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WoW Classic Shaman Trainer Locations

Where to find each Shaman Trainer Location in WoW Classic, images of each Trainer NPC Location within the major cities of the game that you will find yourself in.[/vc_column_text][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

Orgrimmar Shaman Trainer Location
 Orc |  Troll



Thunder Bluff Shaman Trainer Location



Ironforge ShamanTrainer Location
 Dwarf |  Gnome

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Undercity Shaman Trainer Location


Stormwind Shaman Trainer Location


Darnassus Shaman Trainer Location
Night Elf


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