White-Faced Varre

Elden Ring White-faced Varre is a Quest NPC that is located in . and is part of a questline they can complete for rewards.

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Where To Find White-faced Varre in Elden Ring

Below is information and in-game map on where to find White-Faced Varre in ER.

White-faced Varre Quest Guide in Elden Ring

One of the first NPCs you will encounter in Elden Ring is White-Faced Varre; he is one of the many NPCs that provide you with some type of quest. Varre can be found in multiple locations throughout the game. He is an NPC that, when killed, can NOT be respawned in the Church of Vows- this makes his questline incompletable.

As mentioned before, Varre provides you with a questline; much like the other questlines in this game, they require a few steps to complete. Whether that be going to a specific location or defeating a particular enemy, we will be listing the steps below needed to complete White-Faced Varre's questline.

To begin his questline, you will first need to encounter him in multiple locations, one being: The First Step Site of Grace in Limgrave directly outside of Fringefolk Hero's Grave.

  1. Speak with Varre to learn about the Guidance of Grace
  2. Defeat Godrick the Grafted located towards the end of Stormveil Castle
  3. Return to Varre and go to the Chamber of Two Fingers located in the Roundtable Hold upon his request

The second location that Varre can be found in is Rose Church, located in Liurnia of the Lakes, after seeing the message he left in his last location for you.

  1. Meet Varre in the Rose Church
  2. Speak with him and agree with him to receive 5 Festering Bloody Fingers
  3. Set your game to Online to allow Invasions
  4. Invade another player's world 3 times; you do NOT need to win for it to count
  5. After invading other player's worlds 3 times, return to Varre in the Rose Church
  6. He will ask you to join his order; you will want to accept it
  7. Afterward he will ask you to drench the cloth he gives you in the blood of a Finger Maiden
  8. There is a corpse of a Finger Maiden in the Church of Inhibition northeast of Liurnia of the Lakes
  9. Once returning the now dubbed Lord of the Blood's Favor to Varre in the Rose Church, he will give you a Pureblood Knight's Medal and a Bloody Finger- this finger acts as a reusable Festering Finger

The First Step Map Location

Rose Church Location

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