Elden Ring Blaidd is a Quest NPC that is located in . and is part of a questline they can complete for rewards.

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Where To Find Blaidd in Elden Ring

Below is information and in-game map on where to find Blaidd in ER.

Blaidd Quest Guide in Elden Ring

Blaidd provides you with a questline; much like the other questlines in this game, they require a few steps to complete. Whether going to a specific location or defeating a particular enemy, we will list the steps below needed to complete Blaidd's questline.

  1. Before you begin this questline, you will first need to have the Finger Snap Gesture- this can be acquired from Merchant Kale inside the Church of Elleh by asking about the howling after visiting Mistwood Ruins for the first time
  2. After obtaining the Finger Snap Gesture, go to Mistwood Ruins; you will see Blaidd standing on the highest point of the ruins. While standing below him, use the Finger Snap Gesture, and he will jump down and speak to you- he will talk about searching for a man named Darriwil
  3. Go to Forlorn Hound Evergaol and fight Bloodhound Knight Darriwil alongside Blaidd after summoning him
  4. After defeating Darriwil, speak with Blaidd to receive 2 Somber Smithing stones
  5. Speak with him again to gain instructions to speak with War Counselor Iji at the Road to the Manor Site of Grace and tell him that Blaidd had sent you
  6. Before continuing, you need to have started Ranni the Witch's questline and meet Blaidd at the Siofra River- he can be found at a cliff edge beside a "Spiritspring Jump"
  7. Speak to Blaidd, who will tell you to speak to Preceptor Seluvis
  8. After speaking to Seluvis, speak to Sorceress Sellen
  9. Return to Blaidd back in Siofra River, who will ask you to meet him in Redmane Castle for the Festival (he is found in the inner courtyard along with the other NPCs present)
  10. After speaking to Witch-Hunter Jerren to begin the Festival, you can summon Blaidd during the Starscourge Radahn fight
  11. Once the Festival has been completed, you can find Blaidd in Forlorn Hound Evergaol trapped inside
  12. Finally, you can find Blaidd outside the entrance to Ranni's Rise, hostile. If you defeat him, you will obtain his Armor Set and his Royal Greatsword, only after completing Ranni's Questline first

Mistwood Ruins Location

Ranni's Rise Location

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