Elden Ring Gowry is a Quest NPC that is located in . and is part of a questline they can complete for rewards.

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Where To Find Gowry in Elden Ring

Below is information and in-game map on where to find Gowry in ER.

Gowry Quest Guide in Elden Ring

Gowry provides you with a questline; much like the other questlines in this game, they require a few steps to complete. Whether going to a specific location or defeating a particular enemy, we will list the steps below needed to complete Gowry's questline.

  1. Gowry can first be found sitting inside Gowry's Shack, located in the eastern part of Caelid. Speak to Gowry and accept his offer
  2. Obtain the Unalloyed Gold Needle by defeating Commander O'Neil located in Aeonia Swamp
  3. After obtaining the Needle, bring it to Millicent inside the Church of the Plague
  4. To continue the questline, you must finish Millicent's Questline up until the point she appears in Gowry's Shack
  5. Reload the area around Gowry's Shack and speak to him to unlock the ability to buy Sorceries from him
  6. After helping give the Valkyrie's Prosthesis to Millicent, speak to Gowry.
  7. If you help Millicent at the end of her quest, Gowry will no longer be available as a merchant (If you choose to challenge her instead, Gowry will be found dead in his Shack and will drop his Bell Bearing and a Flock's Canvas Talisman)

Gowry's Shack Location

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