Kenneth Haight

Elden Ring Kenneth Haight is a Quest NPC that is located in . and is part of a questline they can complete for rewards.

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Where To Find Kenneth Haight in Elden Ring

Below is information and in-game map on where to find Kenneth Haight in ER.

Kenneth Haight Quest Guide in Elden Ring

Kenneth Haight provides you with a questline; much like the other questlines in this game, they require a few steps to complete. Whether going to a specific location or defeating a particular enemy, we will list the steps below needed to complete Kenneth's questline.

Note: NOTE: At the time of writing this, Kenneth Haight's questline is incompletable. However, we will list the current steps for his questline and will be updated when his Quest can be completed
  1. The first location you will find Kenneth is on the fallen structure that acts as an archway, north of the Mistwood Outskirts- speak to him
  2. Travel to Fort Haight found southeast of Mistwood Ruins and defeat all the enemies inside
  3. Return to Kenneth to receive the Erdsteel Dagger and an offer to join his Order
  4. After accepting the offer, return to Fort Haight and defeat all of the intruding enemies and speak to Kenneth once again

Kenneth Haight's Location

Fort Haight Location

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