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This page will list all the item types you can obtain and use, such as Consumables, Throwable, and even Multiplayer items in ER. We also included various other item types such as Weapons, Armor and Ashes of War which play a more important role in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Items List

This page would simply be too big to list every item in Elden ring, so instead, we have split them up by type. When you view the Ashes of War, you will find everything you need to know at a glance, and if you Click/Tap the item, you will find our guide in which we detail How To Get and Where To Find it. In specific cases such as Weapons and Armor, we also included the builds we think work best with each piece of equipment.

General Item Guides

Arrows and Bolts
Ash of War
Crystal Tear
Key Item
Spell Unlocks
Multiplayer Item
Ashes of War Types

Equipment Guides