List of all Sleep Weapons in Elden Ring; We include the stats such as Weight, Skills that come with the weapons and more. You can Click/Tap any of the Sleep Weapons to view even more information, such as Builds, Where To Find, and even Upgrades.

Elden Ring Best Sleep Weapons To Use

List of Sleep Weapons, we also included our tier ranking for them and the skills you will find with the Sleep weapons.

Sleep List
Tier Weapon Type Scaling Skill Wgt Phy Magic Fire Light Holy
Sword of St. Trina-image
Sword of St. Trina
Causes sleep buildup (66)
Straight Sword
Standard, Pierce
Str: D
Dex: D
Int: E
Mists of Slumber
3 107 32 0 0 0
St. Trina's Torch-image
St. Trina's Torch
Causes sleep buildup (72)
Str: E
Dex: D
Fai: D
Fires of Slumber
3 51 0 91 0 0