All Materials

This page will list all the Crafting Materials you can use to make Consumables, Throwable and even Multiplayer items in ER.

Elden Ring Materials List

The table below will detail all the materials you can obtain in Elden Ring. We also included what recipes they are used in and the locations of these materials.

Materials List
Name Used To Make Where To Find
Aeonian Butterfly-image
Aeonian Butterfly
Albinauric Bloodclot-image
Albinauric Bloodclot
Altus Bloom-image
Altus Bloom
Arteria Leaf-image
Arteria Leaf
Beast Blood-image
Beast Blood
Beast Liver-image
Beast Liver
Budding Cave Moss-image
Budding Cave Moss
Budding Horn-image
Budding Horn
Cave Moss-image
Cave Moss
Crab Eggs-image
Crab Eggs
Cracked Crystal-image
Cracked Crystal
Cracked Pot-image
Cracked Pot
Crystal Bud-image
Crystal Bud
Crystal Cave Moss-image
Crystal Cave Moss
Dewkissed Herba-image
Dewkissed Herba
Erdleaf Flower-image
Erdleaf Flower
Eye of Yelough-image
Eye of Yelough
Faded Erdleaf Flower-image
Faded Erdleaf Flower
Fire Blossom-image
Fire Blossom
Flight Pinion-image
Flight Pinion
Formic Rock-image
Formic Rock
Four-Toed Fowl Foot-image
Four-Toed Fowl Foot
Glintstone Firefly-image
Glintstone Firefly
Glintstone Scrap-image
Glintstone Scrap
Gold-Tinged Excrement-image
Gold-Tinged Excrement
Golden Centipede-image
Golden Centipede
Golden Rowa-image
Golden Rowa
Golden Sunflower-image
Golden Sunflower
Grave Violet-image
Grave Violet
Gravel Stone-image
Gravel Stone
Great Dragonfly Head-image
Great Dragonfly Head
Human Bone Shard-image
Human Bone Shard
Land Octopus Ovary-image
Land Octopus Ovary
Living Jar Shard-image
Living Jar Shard
Lump of Flesh-image
Lump of Flesh
Melted Mushroom-image
Melted Mushroom
Miquella's Lily-image
Miquella's Lily
Miranda Powder-image
Miranda Powder
Moon Egg-image
Moon Egg
Nascent Butterfly-image
Nascent Butterfly
Perfume Bottle-image
Perfume Bottle
Rimed Crystal Bud-image
Rimed Crystal Bud
Rimed Rowa-image
Rimed Rowa
Root Resin-image
Root Resin
Rowa Fruit-image
Rowa Fruit
Ruin Fragment-image
Ruin Fragment
Sacramental Bud-image
Sacramental Bud
Sanctuary Stone-image
Sanctuary Stone
Silver Firefly-image
Silver Firefly
Sliver of Meat-image
Sliver of Meat
Slumbering Egg-image
Slumbering Egg
Smoldering Butterfly-image
Smoldering Butterfly
Strip of White Flesh-image
Strip of White Flesh
Tarnished Golden Sunflower-image
Tarnished Golden Sunflower
Thin Animal Bones-image
Thin Animal Bones
Toxic Mushroom-image
Toxic Mushroom
Trina's Lily-image
Trina's Lily
Turtle Neck Meat-image
Turtle Neck Meat
Volcanic Stone-image
Volcanic Stone
Yellow Ember-image
Yellow Ember