Elden Ring Herba Recipes List, and location guide on where to find and farm the Herba material in ER.

Description Evergreen leaves that give off a faith light. Material used for crafting items. This very common medicinal plant thickets and elsewhere.

Elden Ring Herba Recipes

List of recipes you can make using the Herba material in ER.

Where To Find Herba in ER

Herba can be found in the Bridge of Sacrifice, Caria Manor, Church of Dragon Communion, Church of Pilgrimage, Gatefront Ruins, Isolated Merchant's Shack, Jarburg, Lake of Rot, Limgrave, Liurnia of the Lakes, Minor Erdtree Liurnia Southwest, Nokron, Siofra River, Stormgate, Stormhill, Warmaster's Shack, Weeping Peninsula area(s).

Materials Similar to the Herba