All Crystal Tear Items

This page will list all Crystal Tear item you can obtain and what effect they will have when used in ER.

Elden Ring Crystal Tear List

This section of the page will list Crystal Tear items and in some cases what crafting materials can be used to make it.

Crystal Tear List
Name Effect Where To Find
Cerulean Crystal Tear-image
Cerulean Crystal Tear
restores half of one's maximum FP. Erdtree Avatar, Liurnia of the Lakes
Cerulean Hidden Tear-image
Cerulean Hidden Tear
removes all FP consumption Ulcerated Tree Spirit
Crimson Bubbletear-image
Crimson Bubbletear
automatically heals one's HP in the moment before death Erdtree Avatar, Mountaintops of the Giants
Crimson Crystal Tear-image
Crimson Crystal Tear
restores half of one's maximum HP Third Church of Marika
Crimsonburst Crystal Tear-image
Crimsonburst Crystal Tear
gradually restores one's HP over time Erdtree Avatar, Weeping Peninsula
Crimsonspill Crystal Tear-image
Crimsonspill Crystal Tear
Steadily restores one's HP over time
Crimsonwhorl Bubbletear-image
Crimsonwhorl Bubbletear
converts incoming damage into recovered HP instead. Mountaintops of the Giants
Dexterity-knot Crystal Tear-image
Dexterity-knot Crystal Tear
temporarily boosts one's dexterity Liurnia of the Lakes
Faith-knot Crystal Tear-image
Faith-knot Crystal Tear
temporarily boosts one's faith Demi-Human-forest-ruins/">Demi-Human Forest Ruins
Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear-image
Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear
Temporarily boosts the power of one's fire attacks. Erdtree Avatar, Caelid
Greenburst Crystal Tear-image
Greenburst Crystal Tear
gradually restores stamina recovery speed Erdtree Avatar, Caelid
Greenspill Crystal Tear-image
Greenspill Crystal Tear
temporarily raises one's maximum stamina Mistwood
Holy-Shrouding Cracked Tear-image
Holy-Shrouding Cracked Tear
Temporarily boosts holy attacks Erdtree Avatar, Liurnia of the Lakes
Intelligence-knot Crystal Tear-image
Intelligence-knot Crystal Tear
boosts one's intelligence
Leaden Hardtear-image
Leaden Hardtear
Temporarily boosts poise Ulcerated Tree Spirit, Mt. Gelmir
Lightning-Shrouding Cracked Tear-image
Lightning-Shrouding Cracked Tear
Temporarily boosts lightning attacks Erdtree Avatar, Liurnia of the Lakes
Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear-image
Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear
Temporarily boosts magic attacks Erdtree Avatar, Liurnia of the Lakes
Opaline Bubbletear-image
Opaline Bubbletear
Provides significant damage negation Erdtree Avatar, Weeping Peninsula
Opaline Hardtear-image
Opaline Hardtear
temporarily boosts all forms of damage negation Putrid Avatar, Caelid
Purifying Crystal Tear-image
Purifying Crystal Tear
purifies the curse from Mohg, Lord of Blood's terrifying rite of blood Second Church of Marika
Ruptured Crystal Tear-image
Ruptured Crystal Tear
Causes concoction to explode in mixed physick Erdtree Avatar, Liurnia of the Lakes, Consecrated Snowfield
Speckled Hardtear-image
Speckled Hardtear
temporarily raises all resistances and heals all status ailments Wormface
Spiked Cracked Tear-image
Spiked Cracked Tear
increases the power of charged attacks Mistwood, Minor Erdtree
Stonebarb Cracked Tear-image
Stonebarb Cracked Tear
more likely to break enemy stances Putrid Avatar, Caelid
Strength-knot Crystal Tear-image
Strength-knot Crystal Tear
temporarily boosts one's strength Stormhill Shack
Thorny Cracked Tear-image
Thorny Cracked Tear
consecutive attacks grow stronger the longer they continue Consecrated Snowfield
Twiggy Cracked Tear-image
Twiggy Cracked Tear
Briefly stop rune loss on death Capital Outskirts
Windy Crystal Tear-image
Windy Crystal Tear
increases the effectiveness of dodgerolls Caelid, Nomadic Merchant
Winged Crystal Tear-image
Winged Crystal Tear
Temporarily reduces equipment load. Capital Outskirts
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