Nokron Guide

Elden Ring Nokron is a location found within the Region. This Nokron guide will detail Where To Find Nokron and its Site of Graces, Bosses, Merchants, Items, Weapons, and points of interest within the Location.

Elden Ring Where To Find Nokron Map Guide

You can reach Nokron by using a Waygate to teleport your character to the location.

Elden Ring Nokron Creature List

Monsters/Creatures you can find in the Nokron location, including enemies that can drop crafting materials.

Elden Ring Nokron Materials

List of Materials used for crafting you can find in the Nokron location in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Nokron Weapons

List of Weapons you can find in the Nokron location in ER.

Nokron Weapons
Weapons How To Get
Crucible Hornshield-image
Crucible Hornshield
Great Shield

Elden Ring Nokron Armor

List of Armor you can find in the Nokron location in ER.

Nokron Armor
Armor Where To Find
Silver Tear Mask-image
Silver Tear Mask
From the Mimic Tear boss located in Nokron Eternal City

Elden Ring Nokron Items

List of Items you can find in the Nokron location in Elden Ring.

Nokron Items
Items Effect Where To Find
Ash of War Enchanted Shot-image
Ash of War Enchanted Shot
Ash of War
Affinity: Standard
Skill Learned: The resulting shot will fly faster than regular shots and change its trajectory to follow the target.
Teardrop Beetle, Nokron, Eternal City.
Furlcalling Finger Remedy-image
Furlcalling Finger Remedy
Multiplayer Item
Reveals cooperative and competitive multiplayer signs.
Bloody Finger Nerijus, Recusant Henricus, Stormhill Shack, Anastasia, Tarnished-Eater, Merchant Kalé, Twin Maiden Husks, Roundtable Hold, Stormveil Castle, Patches/">Patches, Murkwater Cave, Siofra River, Nokron, Eternal City, Festering Fingerprint Vyke, Raya Lucaria Academy, Old Knight Istvan, Rileigh the Idle, Great Horned Tragoth
Missionary's Cookbook 5-image
Missionary's Cookbook 5
Learned Recipes
Siofra Aqueduct
Stonesword Key-image
Stonesword Key
Key Item
Use on imp statue seal
Isolated Merchant, Nomadic Merchant, Twin Maiden Husks
Celestial Dew-image
Celestial Dew
Key Item
Allows one to carry out an Absolution at the Church of Vows
Nomadic Merchant, Ainsel River, Uhl Palace Ruins, Nokron, Eternal City, Night's Sacred Ground, Caria Manor
Ancestral Infant's Head-image
Ancestral Infant's Head
Key Item
Uses FP to spray spirit vapor
Nokron Eternal City
Larval Tear-image
Larval Tear
Key Item
Material required by the amber egg cradled by Rennala.
Runebear/">Lesser Runebear, Agheel Lake South, Village of the Albinaurics, Liurnia of the Lakes, Nomadic Merchant, Siofra River, Troll, Undead Soldier, Nokron, Eternal City, Mimic Tear, Grafted Scion, Royal Knight Loretta, Juvenile Scholar Robe, Silver Tear, Lion Guardian, Pidia, Carian Servant, Caria Manor, Three Sisters
Black Whetblade-image
Black Whetblade
Key Item
When applying an affinity using physical or occult-type ashes of war, an additional affinity of poison, blood, or occult can be chosen.
Night's Sacred Ground
Ghost-Glovewort Picker's Bell Bearing 1-image
Ghost-Glovewort Picker's Bell Bearing 1
Key Item
Unlocks Exchange with Twin Maiden Husks located in Roundtable Hold for access to new Upgrade Items
Nokron Eternal City
Mottled Necklace-image
Mottled Necklace
Raises Robustness, Immunity, and Focus
Nokron Eternal City
Clarifying Horn Charm-image
Clarifying Horn Charm
Raises Focus
Deep Siofra Well