Purified Ruins Guide

Elden Ring Purified Ruins is a location found within the Liurnia of the Lakes Region. This Purified Ruins guide will detail Where To Find Purified Ruins and its Site of Graces, Bosses, Merchants, Items, Weapons, and points of interest within the Location.

Elden Ring Where To Find Purified Ruins Map Guide

You can reach Purified Ruins by using a Waygate to teleport your character to the location.

Elden Ring Purified Ruins Creature List

Monsters/Creatures you can find in the Purified Ruins location, including enemies that can drop crafting materials.

Purified Ruins Creatures
Creature Drops

Elden Ring Purified Ruins Items

List of Items you can find in the Purified Ruins location in Elden Ring.

Purified Ruins Items
Items Effect Where To Find
Shabriri Grape-image
Shabriri Grape
Key Item
Give to the blind maiden to guide her to the distant light
Stormveil Castle, Purified Ruins, Edgar-the-revenger/">Edgar the Revenger, Edgar, Castle Morne, Church of Inhibition
Two Fingers Heirloom-image
Two Fingers Heirloom
Raises faith.
Putrified Ruins