Rowa Fruit

Elden Ring Rowa Fruit Recipes List, and location guide on where to find and farm the Rowa Fruit material in ER.

Description Berry-like red fruits that grow in shrubs. Material used for crafting items. Easily Obtained everywhere in the Lands Between, it is primarily used in preserved foods.

Elden Ring Rowa Fruit Recipes

List of recipes you can make using the Rowa Fruit material in ER.

Where To Find Rowa Fruit in ER

Rowa Fruit can be found in the Ailing Village, Bridge of Sacrifice, Callu Baptismal Church, Caria Manor, Church of Dragon Communion, Church of Elleh, Church of Inhibition, Church of Pilgrimage, Dragonbarrow Cave, Fourth Church of Marika, Frenzied Flame Village, Gatefront Ruins, Jarburg, Kingsrealm Ruins, Laskyar Ruins, Limgrave, Liurnia of the Lakes, Minor Erdtree Liurnia Southwest, Minor Erdtree Weeping Peninsula, Mistwood, Stormgate, Stormhill, Stormhill Shack, Stranded Graveyard, Testu's Rise, Tombsward Ruins, Tower of Return, Waypoint Ruins, Weeping Peninsula area(s).

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