Exalted Flesh

Item Type:

Elden Ring Exalted Flesh is a Consumable.

Description A lump of animal pickled in a medicinal solution mixed with fiery spices. Craftable item. Temporarily Boosts physical attack Considered a delicacy in the badlands, this invigorating repast was for the exclusive benefit of those who they called heroes.

What It Does Temporarily Boosts physical attack

Where To Find Exalted Flesh in ER

Map Guide on Where To Find Exalted Flesh in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring How To Craft Exalted Flesh Recipe

Before you can craft Exalted Flesh you will need to obtain the Armorer's Cookbook 3 Cookbook.

Cookbook Where To Find Recipes Learned
Nomadic Merchant, East Limgrave
Dragon-Burnt Ruins

Quick guide on where to find the materials needed to craft Exalted Flesh.

Best Builds to use with Exalted Flesh in Elden Ring

List of the builds to use Exalted Flesh in Elden Ring.

Exalted Flesh Builds
Tier Build Equipment Skills/Spells/Spirits Items
Item Types
Consumable Items Similar to the Exalted Flesh
Drawstring Fire Grease
Pickled Turtle Neck
Heavy Meteorite Fragment
Immunizing Cured Meat
Pauper's Rune
Flask of Wondrous Physick
Roped Fire Pot
Rowa Raisin
Rainbow Stone
Holy Water Pot
Flask of Cerulean Tears
Flask of Crimson Tears
Bewitching Branch
Golden Seed
Lands Between Rune
Stimulating Boluses
Stanching Boluses
Throwing Dagger
Sleep Pot
Exalted Flesh
Neutralizing Boluses
Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot
Fire Grease
Fire Pot
Fireproof Dried Liver
Glass Shard
Frozen Raisin
Fan Daggers
Blood Grease
Baldachin's Blessing
Golden Rune 6
Golden Rune 4
Golden Rune 3
Golden Rune 2
Golden Rune 1
Explosive Stone
Starlight Shards
Boiled Prawn
Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot
Rune Arc
Rot Grease
Magic Grease
Large Glintstone Scrap
Glintstone Scrap
Invigorating White Cured Meat
Invigorating Cured Meat
Gravity Stone Fan
Gravity Stone Chunk
Bone Dart
Roped Holy Water Pot
Grace Mimic
Poisonbone Dart
Soft Cotton
Clarifying Cured Meat
Clarifying White Cured Meat
Prattling Pate Wonderful
Immunizing White Cured Meat
Golden Rune 5
Raw Meat Dumpling
Preserving Boluses
Cuckoo Glintstone
Drawstring Lightning Grease
Host's Trick-Mirror
Furled Finger's Trick-Mirror
Sacred Tear
Warming Stone
Spellproof Dried Liver
Golden Rune 9
Golden Rune 10
Golden Rune 8
Golden Rune 7
Prattling Pate Please help
Poison Grease
Prattling Pate You're beautiful
Explosive Stone Clump
Rejuvenating Boluses
Prattling Pate Apologies
Dragonwound Grease
Poisoned Stone Clump
Poisoned Stone
Roped Poison Pot
Roped Fetid Pot
Furlcalling Finger Remedy
Drawstring Blood Grease
Drawstring Magic Grease
Crystal Dart
Clarifying Boluses
Holyproof Dried Liver
Wraith Calling Bell
Dappled White Cured Meat
Dappled Cured Meat
Lightning Grease
Soporific Grease
Frenzyflame Stone
Shield Grease
Hero's Rune 2
Numen's Rune
Margit's Shackle
Thawfrost Boluses
Bloodboil Aromatic
Poison Spraymist
Oil Pot
Giantsflame Fire Pot
Poison Pot
Fetid Pot
Freezing Pot
Rancor Pot
Cursed-Blood Pot
Beastlure Pot
Roped Oil Pot
Memory of Grace
Lord's Rune
Lightningproof Dried Liver
Golden Rune 5
Golden Rune 1
Golden Rune 13
Freezing Grease
Drawstring Holy Grease
Blasphemous Claw
Uplifting Aromatic
Spark Aromatic
Rot Pot
Sacred Order Pot
Regal Omen Bairn
Hero's Rune 4
Hero's Rune 3
Radiant Baldachin's Blessing
Golden Rune 11
Drawstring Rot Grease
Omen Bairn
Mohg's Shackle
Fringefolk's Rune
Heavy Meteorite Fragment
Bone Knife
Holy Grease
Rejuvenating Boluces
Volcano Pot
Roped Volcano Pot
Acid Spraymist
Clarifying Cured Meat