All Blood Ashes of War

List of Blood Ashes of War, we have included what effect they will have and even a Rankings based on often they are used in high tier builds.

Elden Ring Best Blood Ashes of War

Ashes of War are big part of the game especially if you are a Melee Weapon user, selecting the Best Blood Affinity Ash of War is important when considering your build. Below you can Click/Tap any of the Blood Ashes of War to view where to find them and the strongest builds that can use them.

Blood Ashes of War List
Name Effect Where To Find
Ash of War Blood Blade-image
Ash of War Blood Blade
Affinity: Blood
Skill Learned: Wound self to coat the armament with blood, then unleash an airborne blood blade that causes hemorrhaging. Can be fired in rapid succession.
Teardrop Scarab, Altus Plateau
Ash of War Blood Tax-image
Ash of War Blood Tax
Affinity: Blood
Skill Learned: Twist to build power, then unleash a flurry of thrusts that rob the target of both their blood and their HP.
Ash of War Bloody Slash-image
Ash of War Bloody Slash
Affinity: Blood
Skill Learned: From a low stance, coat the blade in your own blood to unleash a rending blood slash in a wide arc.
Beast Crest Heater Knight,Fort Haight
Ash of War Seppuku-image
Ash of War Seppuku
Affinity: Blood
Skill Learned: Plunge the blade into your stomach to stain it with blood. Increases attack power and improves ability to inflict blood loss.
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