All Occult Ashes of War

List of Occult Ashes of War, we have included what effect they will have and even a Rankings based on often they are used in high tier builds.

Elden Ring Best Occult Ashes of War

Ashes of War are big part of the game especially if you are a Melee Weapon user, selecting the Best Occult Affinity Ash of War is important when considering your build. Below you can Click/Tap any of the Occult Ashes of War to view where to find them and the strongest builds that can use them.

Occult Ashes of War List
Name Effect Where To Find
Ash of War Assassin's Gambit-image
Ash of War Assassin's Gambit
Affinity: Occult
Skill Learned: Skill that masks the user's presence at the cost of a self-inflicted wound. Grants near-invisibility and silences footsteps.
Ash of War Lifesteal Fist-image
Ash of War Lifesteal Fist
Affinity: Occult
Skill Learned: A slow, controlled punch with an energy-infused fist that renders foes unconscious and steals their HP. Only effective against foes of human build.
Caelid, Teardrop Scarab
Ash of War Spectral Lance-image
Ash of War Spectral Lance
Affinity: Occult
Skill Learned: Hurl a phantasmic spear at foes.
Ash of War White Shadow's Lure-image
Ash of War White Shadow's Lure
Affinity: Occult
Skill Learned: Hold armament in a brief, silent prayer to create a white shadow. The apparition lures in foes of human build who are not in combat, drawing their aggression. Effective on demi-humans even if they are already in a combat state.
Consecrated Snowfield, Teardrop Scarab
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