Spectral Lance
Skill Type:
Affinity Type:
FP Cost9
Equipment That Can UseSpear-2/">Spear, Great Spear-2/">Spear
Ash of War
Ash of War AffinityOccult:
Adds Arcane Scaling
Reduces other Scalings
Effect - Undead enemies are unable to revive.

Elden Ring Spectral Lance is a Normal Skill, and can be found on Spear, Great Spear. You can also use Ash of War Spectral Lance to apply the skill to weapons of that same type.

Description: This Ash of War grants an armament the Occult affinity and the following skill: Spectral Lance: Skill of the headless Mausoleum Knights. Hurl a phantasmic spear at foes. Usable on polearms (reapers excepted).

What It Does: Hurl a phantasmic spear at foes.

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Where To Find and How To Get Spectral Lance Skill in Elden Ring

Where To Find the Spectral Lance Skill in ER.

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