List of all Madness Spells in Elden Ring; We include the stats such as FP Cost, Slots Required, and what stats are required to use the spell and more. You can Click/Tap any of the Madness Spells to view even more information, such as Builds, Where To Find, and more.

Elden Ring Best Madness Spells To Use

List of Madness Spells, we also included our tier ranking for them and what they do when you cast the Madness spell.

Madness Spells List
Tier Name Type FP Slot INT FAITH ARC Effect
The Flame of Frenzy-image
The Flame of Frenzy
Frenzied Flame Incantation
Fire, Madness 16 1 0 16 0 Causes the yellow flame of frenzy to burst forth from the caster's eyes. Charging increases the range of the burst.
Howl of Shabriri-image
Howl of Shabriri
Frenzied Flame Incantation
Debuff, Madness 21 1 0 33 0 Shrieks, building up madness in nearby foes
Carian Sorcery
Heal, Sleep, Madness 10 1 17 0 0 Alleviates buildup of sleep and madness. This sorcery can be cast while in motion.
Inescapable Frenzy-image
Inescapable Frenzy
Frenzied Flame Incantation
Debuff, Madness 32 1 0 21 0 Latches onto foes to spread madness. This incantation also causes buildup of madness in the caster, and is only effective against Tarnished.