Boc the Seamster

Elden Ring Boc The Seamster is a Special Merchant that is located in Limgrave. and is part of a questline they can complete for rewards.

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Where To Find Boc The Seamster in Elden Ring

Below is information and in-game map on where to find Boc the Seamster in ER.

Boc The Seamster Quest Guide in Elden Ring

Boc provides you with a questline; much like the other questlines in this game, they require a few steps to complete. Whether going to a specific location or defeating a particular enemy, we will list the steps below needed to complete Boc's questline. To begin, you will first encounter him in a field east from the Telescope next to the Northern Agheel Lake Site of Grace located in Limgrave. You should hear him calling out to you; that will help pinpoint his location.

  1. Once finding a tall brown bush in the field, roll into it. This will free Boc, and you will be able to speak to him
  2. After releasing Boc, he will give you 10 Mushrooms and explain why he was a bush
  3. Speak to him again, for he will offer to go back to a cave he was banished from and bring something more valuable to the player

After this, you can find Boc inside the Coastal Cave located west of The First Step Site of Grace in Limgrave.

  1. Inside the Coastal Cave, you will find Boc lying beside the Dungeon's Site of Grace, injured. Speak to him
  2. To progress this quest, you will need to defeat the Dungeon's Boss, the two Demi-Human Chiefs, to obtain the Tailoring Tools and Sewing Needle key items
  3. After acquiring the Key Items, bring them to Boc at the Cave's Site of Grace; afterward, he will leave the location when you do
Note: NOTE: If you defeat the two Demi-Human Chiefs before starting Boc's Quest, you can still complete this quest by finding Boc and speaking to him until he goes to the Cave, and then you can give him his items as normal

After doing this, You can encounter Boc at the Lake-Facing Site of Grace located in the Liurnia of the Lakes. When speaking to him, it will unlock the option for him to alter your outfits.

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