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Sombra playstyle is similar to that of an assassin, Sombra Counters many heroes already currently available in Overwatch. Since her playstyle is one of stealth, she makes great use of her passive which allows to her find injured enemies. Sombra Counters Heroes who rely heavily on shields, since she can disable them easily. With that in mind a strong Sombra Counter Pick would be heroes who do not rely on said shields or one singular ability from their kit.



Heath: 200 • Armor: 0 • Role: Offense • Difficulty: Medium

Sombra Counters
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Sombra Hero Counters

Sombra Counters
Heroes Sombra Is Strong Against

Strong Match-Ups

Bastion CounterWidowmaker Counter Zarya CounterLucio CounterReinhardt Counter

Sombra Counters
Heroes Sombra Is Weak Against
Weak Match-Ups

Mei CounterWinston CounterRoadhog CounterPharah CounterSymmetra Counter

Sombra Hero Counter Notes:

  • Lucio: Much like the support Ana hero, she can counter Lucio very hard due to her ability to disable his AOE Ult shields.


  • Bastion: Bastion takes another hard hit with this hero, Sombra Counters bastion shield, and damage extremely hard. Her passive also helps to clean up Bastion trying to retreat and perform their repairs.

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