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Overwatch Counters can win games, capture objectives and even score a team ace. Using the right Overwatch Hero Counter is key to having the biggest impact in your competitive games.


If you can make the right hero switch and deal with the enemy team threats, you will have a gigantic effect on winning the game. This is particularly the case in overwatch games, where you’ll regularly see your team making the same mistakes in team-fights.

The finished result is a list of the Best Overwatch Counters, comprehension list of which characters you should consider swapping when you’re attempting to gain important ground on any given objective in Overwatch. As the metagame changes after some time, and new characters and strategies develop, these Hero Counters are going to change.

Overwatch Hero Counters

Below A Select Hero Icon To View The Full List of Counters For That Specific Hero!

View The Best Overwatch Hero Counters For Each Hero, who they are Strong Against and Weak Against.

Bastion CounterD.Va CounterGenji CounterHanzo CounterJunkrat CounterLucio CounterMcCree CounterMei CounterMercy CounterPharah CounterReaper CounterReinhardt CounterRoadhog CounterSoldier 76 CounterSymmetra CounterTorbjorn CounterTracer CounterWidowmaker CounterWinston CounterZarya CounterZenyatta Counter


Overwatch Counters List | Hero Counters

Overwatch is about team composition and hero switching and understanding how they all interact with one another if you want to make the right in-game choices. I will be suggesting some of the most efficient Overwatch Hero Counters for each Hero. You can View the full list of counter picks by using one of the many links or selecting a hero icon.

Overwatch Counters can help especially if the enemy team decides to stack certain heroes. For Instance, multiple Reinhardts can be stopped quickly with a bastion or two. Remeber Overwatch is a highly competitive action based game, even unfavorable matchs-ups can be won by the underdog in rare cases.

Links For Each Hero And There Full List of Counters Are To The Left.

Overwatch CountersStrong AgainstWeak Against
Bastion CountersReinhardt - Winston - MercyGenji - Widowmaker - Hanzo
D.Va CountersWidowmaker - Torbjorn - HanzoMei - Junkrat - Reaper
Genji CountersBastion - Widowmaker - HanzoMei - Winston - Zarya
Hanzo CountersBastion - Zenyatta - TorbjornGenji - Tracer - Winston
Junkrat CountersTorbjorn - Bastion - ReinhardtPharah - Widowmaker - Soldier 76
Lucio CountersMercy - Symmetra - TorbjornMei - Pharah - McCree
McCree CountersReaper - Tracer - LucioWidowmaker - Genji - Pharah
Mei CountersGenji - Reinhardt - LucioPharah - Reaper - Widowmaker
Mercy CountersSymmetra - Torbjorn - ZaryaTracer - Genji - Roadhog
Pharah CountersJunkrat - Reaper - MeiSoldier 76 - Roadhog - Torbjorn
Reaper CountersWinston - Roadhog - ReinhardtMcCree - Pharah - Genji
Reinhardt CountersSoldier 76 - Torbjorn - GenjiMei - Bastion - Junkrat
Roadhog CountersWinston - Mercy - GenjiReaper - Mei - D.Va
Soldier 76 CountersPharah - Zenyatta - TorbjornGenji - Roadhog - McCree
Symmetra CountersGenji - Reinhardt - LucioPharah - Roadhog - Winston
Torbjorn CountersTracer - Genji - PharahWidowmaker - Hanzo - Junkrat
Tracer CountersMercy - Hanzo - WidowmakerMcCree - Roadhog - Pharah
Widowmaker CountersBastion - Torbjorn - JunkratGenji - D.Va - Winston
Winston CountersGenji - Widowmaker - HanzoBastion - Reaper - Roadhog
Zarya CountersGenji - Torbjorn - RoadhogPharah - Reaper - Mei
Zenyatta CountersMercy - Symmetra - LucioWidowmaker - Reaper - Genji

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