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McCree is both a strong long range Offensive hero and an even more deadly close range hero. There very few heroes who are among the McCree Counters in Overwatch. Since the general strategy for McCree staying behind a tank and doing damage, he can also be played aggressively with his flash-bang+Fan the hammer combo. There are a couple of characters in particular that are effective McCree counters. Genji is the first hero that comes to mind when you think McCree Counter; this is due to his mobility and Deflect ability.

McCree Hero Counters

McCree is a powerful close-range hero that can go well with alot of Overwatch team compositions and in some cases is almost a must have. However, he is also countered by some of the best heroes like Widowmaker, if you aren’t careful on where you use dead eye (ultimate) you could easily get shut down. Usually you would want to use dead eye from a flank position, this will allow you to avoid some of the best counters to McCree.

Combat Roll gives you a huge advantage in almost every close quarter and some medium range fights as McCree. If you are in the mix with a Reinhardt’s barrier field it becomes slightly more difficult because your Flashbang can be blocked, if you’re McCree we recommend you throw it above his shield as it will still stun him and other target behind the shield who are near.

McCree Counters

Heath: 200 • Armor: 0 • Role: Offense • Difficulty: Medium

McCree Counters
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McCree Hero Counters

McCree Counters
Heroes McCree Is Strong Against

Strong Match-Ups

Mercy CounterReaper CounterTracer CounterZenyatta CounterWinston CounterMei Counter

McCree Counters
Heroes McCree Is Weak Against
Weak Match-Ups

Genji CounterPharah CounterWidowmaker CounterBastion CounterZarya CounterReinhardt Counter

McCree Hero Counter Notes:

  • Widowmaker: Can use her ultimate to reveal where mcCree may be and also snipe him right out of his Dead Eye making her one of six strongest McCree counters.


  • Genji: Having the ability to kill McCree from a far and being able to 1v1 him up close by deflecting his Flashbang or barrage of bullets, he is the most brutal of McCree counters.


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