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Symmetra is weak as a support since she can’t heal, while being strong due to her sentry turrets and Teleporter. Like with most support heroes almost any hero outside of supports can be seen as Symmetra Counters. the general strategy for Symmetra staying far back as possible while launching off her energy balls, placing smart sentry turrets and teleporters is the other half. The most effective Symmetra counters tend to have AOE damage since this can remove her sentry turrets rather easily. Pharah, Junkrat and even Winston are among the best Symmetra Counters.

Symmetra Hero Counters

Symmetra is best played on defense rounds since she can make better use of her sentry turrets and teleporter.

Up close Symmetra can do lots of damage, even melt tanks when given the time and chance. This is not an ideal way to play her it is, however, usefull since tanks will come through your sentry turret area first.

Symmetra Counters

Heath: 100 • Armor: 100 • Role: Support • Difficulty: Easy

Symmetra Counters
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Symmetra Hero Counters

Symmetra Counters
Heroes Symmetra Is Strong Against

Strong Match-Ups

Genji CounterReinhardt CounterMercy Counter

Symmetra Counters
Heroes Symmetra Is Weak Against
Weak Match-Ups

Pharah CounterWinston CounterRoadhog CounterJunkrat CounterMcCree CounterWidowmaker CounterReaper CounterSoldier 76 Counter

Symmetra Hero Counter Notes:

  • Pharah: Can flank and find Symmetra teleporter with ease, as well as clear an entire room of her sentry turrets with a couple of rockets. Pharah is among the best Symmetra counters in Overwatch.


  • Winston: Can also clear an entire room of sentry turret even easier then pharah. Combo that with is mobility Symmetra will struggle versus Winston.


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