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Reinhardt is must play tank hero for overwatch players. Reinhardt Weakness is heroes who can do a high amount of damage in a short time. Since the general strategy play-style for Reinhardt is absorbing as much damage as possible. Thier are a couple of Heroes in particular that are effective Reinhardt counters. Reaper and McCree at close range can kill Reinhardt fairly easy, While other more long range heroes such as Bastion and Pharah are among the best Reinhardt Counters.

Reinhardt Hero Counters

Reinhardt works best as a team player. Stay in the front of your team and use your Barrier Field to absorb incoming attacks as you approach your opponents or Objectives. While Barrier Field is up This will allow your team to move safely through an area and fire back without the worry of taking damage.

Reinhardt works well when combo with Bastion or Torbjorn, as he can protect their defense damage with his shield. This will allow Bastion or Torbjorn to maximize their damage without worry of Hanzo or Widowmaker.

Reinhardt Counters

Heath: 300 • Armor: 200 • Role: Tank • Difficulty: Easy

Reinhardt Counters
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Reinhardt Hero Counters

Reinhardt Counters
Heroes Reinhardt Is Strong Against

Strong Match-Ups

Soldier 76 CounterMercy CounterTorbjorn CounterWidowmaker CounterHanzo CounterD.Va CounterGenji Counter

Reinhardt Counters
Heroes Reinhardt Is Weak Against
Weak Match-Ups

McCree CounterBastion CounterPharah CounterJunkrat CounterReaper CounterTracer Counter

Reinhardt Hero Counter Notes:

  • Reaper: Can easily shred any tank hero in overwatch, reinhardt is no exception to this fact. Reaper is one if not the best Reinhardt Counter and Tank Hero Counter for that matter.


  • Pharah: Can damage reinhardt from above and if close enough to edge she is also able to knock him off. Since almost all fo reinhardt damage is melee, Pharah is one fo the best reinhardt counters in overwatch.


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