WoW Classic Best Spec

Welcome to our World of Warcraft Classic Best Spec Tier List, if you have trouble deciding which Talent Spec to use then you are in the right place. Below we rank the strongest Specs for PVP Battlegrounds and PVE Dungeons/Raids in Classic WoW. In some cases, certain classes have many viable and top tier Talent Specs, while others may only have 1-2 option to choose from.


Best Spec Tier List Rankings

  • Best Spec – (Best) Highest ranking Talent Specs In WoW Classic.
  • Strong Spec – (Strong) A strong spec, however, they are not better than the Best Specs.
  • Good Spec – (Good) A viable choice and in the hands of a skilled player or with the right gear even stronger.
  • Weak Spec – (Worst) The lowest ranking spec in this Tier List.

WoW Classic Best PVP Spec

WoW Classic Best PVP Spec for Battlegrounds ranks the best Talent Trees for each class to use against other players. Since choosing the right spec determines how well you will be able to perform versus other players, its important to make sure you also follow a Talent Build to maximize its effectiveness.

  • Best Spec For PVP –  Affliction Warlock  –  Subtlety Rogue –  Arms Warrior –  Frost Mage –  Survival Hunter –  Shadow Priest –  Elemental Shaman –  Holy Paladin
  • Strong Spec For PVP –   Destruction Warlock –  Fire Mage –  Fury Warrior –  Assassination Rogue –  Marksmanship Hunter –  Feral Combat Druid –  Discipline Priest –  Holy Priest –  Restoration Shaman –   Restoration Druid
  • Good Spec For PVP –   Enhancement Shaman –  Demonology Warlock –  Retribution Paladin –  Arcane Mage –  Combat Rogue –  Beast Mastery Hunter – Balance Druid
  • Weak Spec For PVP –   Protection Paladin –  Protection Warrior

The strongest specs in WoW Classic are those that can deal strong Single Target or AOE Damage and still have Abilities/Options for staying alive in combat. This is way Frost Mage is a very strong choice, as you can deal a lot of damage will be able to CC/Snare attacking enemy players or even go invulnerable for a short period. Healer Specs are super useful in PVP and in some cases can determine if your team will lose or win, the harder you are to kill the better.

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WoW Classic Best PVE Spec

This WoW Classic Best PVE Spec ranking is mostly determined by how well the class talent spec performs within Dungeons and Raids. This means there isn’t such a heavy focus on staying alive and instead is more focused on how much damage you can do to Large Mobs and Bosses.

  • Best Spec For PVE –  Affliction Warlock –  Elemental Shaman –  Protection Warrior –  Holy Priest –  Fire Mage
  • Strong Spec For PVE –   Destruction Warlock –  Feral Combat Druid –  Restoration Shaman –   Restoration Druid –  Frost Mage –  Survival Hunter –  Protection Paladin –  Holy Paladin –  Shadow Priest
  • Good Spec For PVE – –  Beast Mastery Hunter – Balance Druid –  Demonology Warlock –  Marksmanship Hunter –  Discipline Priest –  Arcane Mage
  • Weak Spec For PVE –  Retribution Paladin –  Combat Rogue –  Subtlety Rogue –  Arms Warrior –  Assassination Rogue –  Enhancement Shaman –  Fury Warrior

The Best Talent Spec for Dungeons and Raids are those who can fill their role (Tank, Healer, DPS) the best, for example, Warrior Tank is almost always required when doing Raiding due to it being the only really viable Tank Class. The healer is possibly the second most important can be filled by many different class specs, DPS is best filled by Mages and Warlocks due to their AOE (Area of Effect) and DOT (Damage Over Time) Damage Abilities.


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