The Terastal Phenomenon is the newest mechanic in pokemon scarlet and violet affecting pokemon. Aside from the visual changes, you will see on a pokemon who use the Terastal Boost; there are Type changes that will also occur during battle.

How Terastal Boost Work

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, pokemon can activate a Terastal Boost, which will cause a visual and type change. The pokemon will change its type into a Special Tera Type. This Tera type will be unique based on that pokemon, meaning one Pikachu can be Rock Tera Type, while another might be Water Tera Type.

  • You can only use the Terastal Boosts Once Per Battle.
  • Tera Orbs are used to Terastallize a Pokémon and will need to be recharged by touching Terastal Energy Crystals or visiting a Pokemon Center.
  • The Tera Type Change will affect Move STAB Bonuses and the pokemon Type Weaknesses.
List of Pokemon based on Type