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Pokemon SV Tera Types How It Works

When a Pokémon Terastalizes, its type changes to its Tera Type. Below we use an example to explain how this works in a battle with Type Weaknesses and STAB. Charizard Terastalizing into Water Type (Charizard is NO longer Fire/Flying Type) this will make it a pure Water-type , which is weak to Electric and Grass, and resisting to Fire, Ice, Steel and Water. As for the STAB Type damage it will stack as follows:

  • Charizard with Water Tera Type gives it a STAB of ×1.5 on Water, Fire and Flying.
  • Charizard with Flying Tera Type gives it a STAB of ×2 on Flying, and ×1.5 on Fire.

Tera Types FAQs

How do i change my pokemon's Tera Type?

You can change a Pokémon's Tera Type with 50 Tera Shards.